Lately I’ve been highly addicted to a site called It’s been a fabulous way to keep all of the blogs I love to read very easily at my finger tips.  Here are a few blogs I’ve been into:

fitness/health inspiration:

Organization/craft inspiration:


Just to name a few!  It’s quite nice having them all in one convenient location.

I think I have caught the blogging bug, I mean I guess that’s what you call it when you start thinking about your life in blog form (I’ll need advice from the pros on this one).  The other day I walked into the gym and thought I should take a before/after pic of my 8 mile treadmill run because that would be a fun thing to post, but there was a girl and her trainer in the gym before and I felt goofy taking a selfie in front of them.  Needless to say I ran 8 miles on the treadmill, which I feel is a pretty big feet!

Later I decided to make some spaghetti squash, I just love how easy this stuff is to make, and how much of it you end up with (left overs for days!!).

I’m excited to begin a blogging journey, I feel like it’s a great way to keep me motivated toward my fitness goals (half marathon/marathon training) and share some of my recipes  and healthy living tips.

Be well!