Having recently conquered a lame cold, I had the most difficult time going to sleep last night (it makes sense when you spend most of the two days prior sleeping).  Ultimately I fell asleep at 3am (YIKES); my body does not take well to this.  Thank goodness for the black out curtains I bought and the 1 extra hour of sleep it provided.  I do have to say, my body is quite the trooper, because at 8:30am, I was up and ready to assemble the following ingredients:



Into this:



Oh wait, did you want to see some of the process? Ohhhh, okay, well here’s some of it:


Cut the taters!!!
Then add a tablespoon of your favorite oil and bake ’em! I did 350 for 20 minutes, but if you like them crispy, up the heat (~400) and do it for 30 minutes.










After the taters are going get to working on your scramble.  I made it pretty simple, sautéed some onions and garlic in a little coconut oil (everything’s BETTER with onions & garlic)!  Then I added two eggs (per person) worth of egg beaters and 1 full egg (per person) to the pan and scrambled it up, YUM!

Once the scramble is done, plate with a half an avocado on each and a scoop of salsa.  VOILA you’ve got my ‘south of the border scramble!!’  I personally like to add chipotle Tabasco to everything so if you do too it might look like this:

Forgot to mention that I added a few strips of tofu bacon to mine (I love the stuff, but Dave could take it or leave it).


Well, my bestie Tara’s coming over tonight (and I’m SUPER stoked).  We have a line up of fun activities planned (munching on some yummy snacks is definitely on the list), so I’ve prepared some healthy goodies: vegan gooey brownies (I’ll definitely be making those again and I’ll be sure to post when I do), salt n’ pepper rice crisps from Trader Joe’s, mini cafe cinnamon twists from Trader Joe’s, and white cheddar popcorn.  Also, Dave is making some ‘tortilla espanola’ for a dinner he’s going to tonight and he’s gonna leave us some (don’t worry I’ll also do a post about the tortilla!)  I’m going to take this opportunity to brag about how awesome my fiance is at cooking, I’m sooo blessed!  But you’ll all see more about that in the future!

Well all this eating wouldn’t be as enjoyable if it weren’t balanced with a little exercise (amiright?) Because we’re doing a long run tomorrow (9 miles…whhooo-eeyyy) I decided to stay away from running, and picked an interval of circuit training and elliptical.  I got the idea and the circuit from Heather at the blog: Mrsmurphyslawoffitness.com, you can find her great post on novel cardio ideas here: mrsmurphyslawoffitness.com/2014/04/01/cardio-for-people-who-hate-cardio/

Here are a few of the moves from the circuit:

10 reps of Plank

and then jump into a:

shoulder press.


40 seconds of a raised plank

Do 10 crossover lunges on each side:












There were quite a few more, but you can find them on her website.  It was a fun circuit and doing it all the way through took 10 minutes, so I alternated 10 minutes of circuit, then 10 minutes of elliptical for 40 minutes.  It felt great!

Have a great weekend everyone, I’m ready for a girls night!!!!!!!!

Be well.