This post will be super brief, the reason being that I just finished an incredibly daunting task….drum roll please….I just organized all the photos on my computer.  It took me four hours, but it was so worth it.  Now all of my photos are in neat little folders with names like, “San Francisco 2013” or “Florida 2012.”  It was also very enjoyable seeing all the old photos and being nostalgic (I love that kind of shit).

At any rate, I wanted to talk a little bit about something I have liked to do for the last seven years.  Seven years is how long I have had my beloved Charlie:

**Holy crap, finding that photo was soooo much easier**

If there is one thing Charlie loves more than me (because let’s be honest, he loves the crap out of me), it’s the dog park.

IMG_2218 IMG_2394










Charlie gets this big long drool going, and walks around trying to find anything that he can hump.  I found out that it might actually be a problem, because his humping means that he wants to dominate everyone at the park.  We’re working on it.  In October of last year we brought this little joy into our lives:

Meet Oliver James :)
Meet Oliver James 🙂

And now we have two dogs that love the dog park.  They’re still working on enjoying the dog park together, Oli likes to jump at Charlie’s face and bite his ears and legs.  Charlie ignores Oli and tries to find dogs to hump.  It’s a sweet family dynamic we’ve got going on; although, sometimes you find those beautiful moments:

“Wait Charlie, wait for me!”
This is where Oliver pretends to like water so he can hang out with Charlie.

I wouldn’t change our weekend Dog park tradition.  My favorite park is Marymoore, it’s over on the east side, but it’s huge and has multiple entrances into the water.  There’s even a doggy washing place right outside of the main entrance.  Love our little doggy family 🙂

"I'll be the big spoon Charlie!!"
“I’ll be the big spoon Charlie!!”

Hope you had a great weekend!!  I’m off to watch some Game of Thrones.

Be well.