It feels like Vegas was sooo long ago 😦 I’m hoping that this recap will take me back to that place.

First things first, I feel as though I have excellent packing skills.  My OCD leads me to plan my whole vacation in outfits, albeit I usually end up buying clothes and then not wearing half of what I packed.  I always have the best intentions though.

IMG_6258It wasn’t as warm as I thought it would be in Vegas, but it was nice and sweltering in SoCal.  Every time I go to SoCal I think, ‘I want to live here,’ this has happened to me since I was young.  I feel like one day it will come true.

First full day in Vegas was beautiful out, but first things first, let’s eat breakfast!!!  We went to Hash House a Go Go, and it was sooo delicious!  I can’t believe all the delicious food in Vegas, I wish more of those chefs (e.g., Gordon Ramsay) would spread their love up to Seattle.  At any rate, here are some pictures of our yumtastic breakfast:

Biggest pancake ever!!!!
Yes that biscuit was as delicious as it looked!

During that first full day in Vegas the sun was shining!  We walked the strip (probably 8 solid hours of walking), which was awesome and tiring all at the same time.

Love these girls!!!!


When in Vegas you must walk around with your alcoholic beverage

IMG_6280However, be careful not to drop the best part of your bloody mary!

😦 😦 😦

I appreciate that my mom didn’t actually sit in this disgusting looking chair, but I still had to post the picture, because it’s perfection.



We finished the night off with the Circ show, ‘zarkana.’  My favorite part about the show was the sand lady (click to here to see a video), which was super amazing!!  I love watching the acrobats, but sitting in the audience watching people do that stuff gives me the itch to move.  It’s probably why I don’t watch sports (outside of hockey).  My preference would be to see how they train (so I can too)!  The best part was my crew

Katie and Emily....beautiful!!
Kate and Emily….beautiful!!

The next morning was followed by what was the most expensive smoothie I’ve ever had!  $12!!!  It was pretty good, but it definitely didn’t fill me up like Dave’s do (I was hungry an hour or so later).  Also, the people weren’t attentive, they didn’t ask Kate if she wanted any added boosters, no flax for her 😦  On the positive side, they did have some yummy looking options, and if we would have drank more alcohol they had fresh juice beverages with option of adding shots (YUM).



Vegas was fun times…well, until Charleston!! I still have some pics from SoCal to share with you, so stay tuned.

Oh yeah, I wanted to tell you all about my new toy!!!!! Dave and I went to the REI gear sale last week (I know, you go in for socks and you come out with shorts, a new watch, and shoes).  I’m sooooo super stoked about my Garmin Forerunner 220 (full review post to come).  I did my first ‘training’ workout with it, and it was awesome.  It was a 4 mile tempo run and I tried to do mile 1 (pace 9-9:30), mile 2 (pace 8:30-9), mile 3 (pace 8-8:30), mile 4 (pace 8-9).  For the most part I stayed within my pace ranges, it was really nice having the watch buzz at me when I went to fast or slow.  I LOVE it!!!!

And yes, those are my new Mizuno wave inspire 10s, and yes, I love them!!!!
And yes, those are my new Mizuno wave inspire 10s, and yes, I love them!!!!

Be well!