Quick update on what’s been happening in my life, as time seems to keep slipping away from me.  But I always remember this saying I heard, ‘you always make time for what matters most,’ and my blog is important to me/mentally stabilizing..so even if it’s brief, here it is:

-First, we drove into Vancouver on Friday:

Isn’t this bridge spectacular!?!

-Started the night off with some long islands.  Now, I’m Canadian and I love the homeland, but I have to say the drinks that weekend were all VERY weak.  This is coming from someone who’s hammered off of 2 drinks, so it’s legit.


-Oliver was having the time of his life while we were away (being a male model).


-I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I found us a most AMAZING breakfast place.  The name had Jethro in the title (sorry I can’t remember the whole thing), and they had some pretty amazing food.  I enjoyed my huevos rancheros, but the Nutella french toast was to die for:


-Then we met my parents and went to Granville Island (I just LOVE it there–in fact Dave and I had run there from our hotel earlier that morning, it was a beautiful run).


-Now I must give props to Dave because he found us some delicious Sushi that evening.  It was this hole in the wall.  I know you’ll be surprised that they were good after you hear this, but they had laminated menus, horrible pop music playing, and sticker images of their sushi on the windows.  They were sooooo yummy though!  The fish was so fresh and the people were amazing, they even made this special order of ikura with a quail egg for our friend Royal:

-I leave you with this random metal statue that we saw which seemed to have no meaning and leaves me feeling very uncomfortable:

IMG_6440Be well.