“I’ve been a runner for 10 years now.” I stated.

“But have you always been a runner?” asked Dave.

“YES!” I replied incredulously.

Dave and I were having the aforementioned discussion last night referring to whether or not the frequency or intensity of your running matter when deciding if you are a ‘runner.’  I say no!  No matter how fast you’re going or how frequently you are running I believe you are a runner.  Just believing that I was a RUNNER motivated me to get out the door during times when I might have only run once every two weeks or even once a month.  It’s why quotes like this are motivating:  


I believe it taps into a deeper part of human psyche, we like to be special, and we want something to set us apart from other people.  It’s funny because at the same time there is a developmentally appropriate part of many people that wants to be a member of something or a part of the collective, so we join groups (e.g., runners, musicians, etc.) or develop common interests.  It’s like there are two opposing forces at work within ourselves, yet we manage to strike balance daily….well most of us 😉

So what got that conversation started was a discussion about my PR last Wednesday.  I’ve been doing my tempo runs on Wednesday evenings and they have been glorious.  While I used to do them on the treadmill (it’s just so easy to keep track of pace), now that I have my little Garmin baby love child I can go anywhere and have suuuper accurate data on my splits.  This week was my best so far!  My plan of action: First mile 8-8:30 pace, after mile one I alternated between doing a quarter mile at an all out (6:30-7 mph) pace and 1 minute of jogging (nothing lower than 10mph) four times, lastly I did one more mile at 8-8:30 pace.  The end result:

IMG_0276This was pretty monumental for me.  It was a PR in the 5k department for me (26:16 if it’s hard to read), and the most exciting part is that all the work I’ve been doing is actually paying off, I’m getting faster!!!!  Also, it was the most amazing high for about 3 hours afterwards, so there’s that!

Here is my upcoming week in workouts:

Monday: 20 min. elliptical warm up, followed by 20 minute kettlebell

Tuesday: 4 mile easy run, split into two segments

Wednesday: 3-4 mile tempo run

Thursday: 3 mile run

Friday: REST (probably a nice long walk after dinner with Dave and the dogs)

Saturday: 9 mile run

Sunday: cross train (bike or maybe a HIIT workout)

Be well!

What workouts will you be doing?

Any recent PRs?