Hi there!

I recently went raspberry picking with my friend, Noreen, her husband, Fred, and their daughter, Maggie.  Maggie is super adorable (she’s going to be one of our flower girls) and she enjoyed her time playing with Charlie and Oliver before we left for the farm.


Discretion is one of Charlie’s many strong qualities!

Well we headed out to the Remlinger farm and I was impressed by how vast it was.  Why did we choose this farm? Well: 1.) They update their info on berries online (facebook), I’m very impressed by technologically inclined companies/individuals 2.) They were .50/lbs cheaper than the other nearby farms (that may not seem like much, but I prefer to be frugal at ALL times).  And you know what? We made the right choice, because it lived up to the amazingly high standard I had set for it in my mind.


The amount of berries I picked was excellent


I’ll admit that Noreen put some of her picks in my bin…but hey, it was three to one, and their bin looked mighty full as well 🙂


Love these three!!!!

After berry picking they headed off to visit family, and I headed home to decide what to do with all these raspberries.


Can you see my current phone in the background?  Yeah, that’s not even an actual black berry, it’s a wanna be blackberry. HA.

Annnnnnnyyyways….I decided to make yogurt popsicles.  1 part plain yogurt, 1 part peach yogurt, and a .5 cup of fresh raspberries.

IMG_0273Dave and I have wars over what type of yogurt to buy (he’s an Oregon boy, and I just like Nancy). 

They turned out pretty tasty; although if I were to do it again I’d add a little honey or agave, because the tart from the plain yogurt enhanced the tart in the raspberry and the sugar in the peach yogurt just didn’t do the trick, they were a little on the tart side.

I plan on making some lemon raspberry muffins (I’ve been on a bit of a muffin kick lately).  Here are the banana chocolate chip muffins I made Saturday morning before berry picking.



But the rest of the berries became raspberry jam (YUM).  I made two types: 1.) Agave and chia seeds 2.) White sugar and lemon juice.  During the taste test I did with Dave later in the evening I thought for sure the sugar and lemon juice would win, but we both agreed it was a bit too sweet and we preferred the agave and chia!!


Oh, and by the way, Dave and I found an AMAZING new running spot (well, new for us).  It’s called the Redmond watershed, we did our long run there last weekend and it was beautiful!


A bit hilly, but the scenery definitely took your mind off it 🙂

OH, and there’s this —


mmmmmmmm MORE kabocha squash!!!

Be well!