My friend Noreen hosted a cake decorating party this weekend.


Noreen and I go way back.  She was my supervisor when I worked as a program assistant at the Hearing Speech and Deafness Center right before I went to grad school.  Obviously she was a super awesome spectacular supervisor because we also became great friends.

I’m pretty proud of myself because it was the second Saturday in a row that I woke up early to bake 🙂  My contribution to the party was cupcakes.


I didn’t take pictures while baking these #shamefulblogger but I got the recipe from Martha Stewart (man, she’s a gem), and they’ve received a number of compliments, so there’s that.

I have to say, Noreen outdid herself with awesome tools, yummy snacks, and delicious coffee 🙂

IMG_0301 IMG_0302 IMG_0308

Noreen’s cousin Lee made a beautiful cake

fish cake

Those fish were AWESOME, she’s definitely an artist!


Maggie and Noreen made this M & M/Sprinkles/Fondant beauty

IMG_0303Mine was inspired by Alice in Wonderland eat me cake


Pretty simple, and I’m happy with how it turned out and tasted!

We decided to light some candles and sing to Maggie for fun before they cut into their cake


I had such a wonderful time, good laughs, good talks, and good food 🙂  Hope you had an amazing weekend!

Be well