its-johnny-at-the-Stanley-Ohhhh blog, how I’ve missed you!!!  So many things have been going on (work, animals, exercise, wedding…..umm less than 2 months away WOO HOO), and it’s not that they’re particularly stressful, but they do take up my time.  I have soo many things to share with everyone!  I’ve had some yummy snacks, great experiences with our wedding coordinator (‘The Invisible Hostess‘), and a beautiful bridal shower from my co-workers.  I want to post about each and every one of these things, but I need to come to terms with the fact that it will take time….I just have a hard time with patience.

I figured I’d just jump into my first post back with a Friday Faves!  There have been so many things I’m loving lately, I felt as though I should share them with all you beautiful people.

1. I recently signed up for stitchfix and I was sooo beyond impressed. It’s basically a free stylist that choses five clothing items (they do accessories too) and sends them to you to try on and decide if you want to buy or not.  You give them $20 per fix, and if you chose to buy an item the $20 goes towards your bill.  If you don’t buy anything then the $20 go bye bye, but the stylists are so good I can’t imagine them not sending something beyond amazing.  They use your answers to a survey and (if you have pinterest), you can send them a board with your style pins.  I’ll be getting my second order next week and I’m very excited.  If you think you want to sign up you should use this link and give me $25 referral credit:

It’s really nice because I have absoLUTELy no time to go shopping, but I do enjoy acquiring a few articles every now and again.  I’ll post a recap on my next fix and show you the items that I get.

2. This beer:IMG_6560

My friend Royal (he has an awesome blog in which he reviews AMAZING bands and live shows) introduced me to it, and although I haven’t located it on my own I lovvvved it.  In fact I’ve been into all things grapefruit:

IMG_0324 IMG_6497

I just.can’ of grapefruit.

3. My time at the Lake Union 10k



IMG_6565Not only was I super happy with my time, but portage bay had french toast, fresh fruit, and toppings for all the finishers.  Motivation to finish the race faster: be closer to the starting line for the breakfast bar….Ummmmm pretty good motivator.

4. This guyIMG_6571 He was uber successful in the above 10k, he was 2 minutes faster than me.  Now I know this doesn’t sound like a lot (and that’s usually what I tell people 😛 ), but when you’re running, 20 seconds a mile faster is extremely significant!  I’m so proud of him.

The above picture is actually of us at a swimming hole near our place which is extremely relaxing to swim at, it’s just to bad that we discovered it so late in the summer.  Aw well, good times while it’s still sunny 🙂

5.  The Invisible HostessIMG_0351We are super in love with our wedding coordinator.  Natasha is super sweet and has been an excellent go to person for any questions we’ve had.  We got together to talk about what the rehearsal/day before/day of will be like and we’re getting SOoo excited!!  Our day is coming up so soon, and we can hardly contain our excitement.  We’ve only booked them for the day of, but they have so many great options, and they do parties too.

And look at their fabulous location

IMG_0350I’m pretty jealous of that amazing view!  I need to just go hang out there more often 😛

6. Free KEXP concerts at the mural, pretty much the best thing ever!

IMG_6592Nice view, nice music what more could you ask for?

7. Impromptu hikes in Bellingham…



Oliver’s very first hike, and he thoroughly enjoyed himself.  As did I 🙂

Alright, I have loved a ton of things lately, and I’m so happy to share some of them with you!  Hope you’re having a lovely Friday.

Be well.

What have you been up to?

Been on any noteworthy hikes you’d like to share?