As I lie here, still sick (it’s been about a week of continually not feeling great, and I think the climax has been yesterday and today), I can’t help but be reminiscent on my good friends’ wedding a few weeks ago.  I’ve known Tiffany for about 7 years now, and she’s always been a go to friend for fun times, deep chats, and all around niceness.  I really couldn’t express how happy I am for her to have found a most bodacious babe, and amazing companion!  They compliment each other in so many ways, and like most of those one of a kind awesome relationships, they are constantly helping each other grow to be better people.

I think I cried about three times at their wedding, really not unusual for me to bring on the water works (I’m a sensitive soul, though I seem thick skinned #10bucksifyounamethatmovie).  It made me a little teary thinking of Dave and my upcoming wedding, and how I hope the same love and support that was at Tiffany & Mindy’s wedding will be at ours.  I’m going to let the pictures do the talking (though I may chime in every now and again).  Hope you ladies are having an amazing time in Italy, you deserve it 🙂

Beautiful view from Tiffany & Mindy’s cabinIMG_6707.JPGRoomies!!



Sleepy puppy/ring bearer IMG_6724.JPG

Short break for a dance party

Izzie looking oh so regal in her bow tie!


Pre-ceremony love!IMG_6733.JPGBuddies!!

Tears, tears, tears..


Mama love!





Silly faces!


More mama love!!


Beautiful sunset on Orcas Island (although, Josh says his was better).


What a great weekend, and fun people to spend it with.  Thanks for all the love and laughter!

Be well.