I was honored to be able to hold a co-worker and friend’s baby shower at my place on Sunday!  Kalli is such a great person, she is very sweet and when I’m around her I find myself smiling more!

Her baby is coming very soon, and all the other SLPs at Boyer and myself decided to have a baby shower for her.  She is having a little baby girl


And we just can’t wait to meet her!!  Even though we all knew she was having a girl I had this urge to make a gender revealing cake.  My plan was to make cupcakes with pink cake hearts in them, but then that seemed like too much work so I turned it into a cake.


Turns out the recipe for both the cake and the icing weren’t that great, so this cake was all for the unnecessary gender revealing factor.  It satisfied something in me and I think Kalli was amused 😛

The decoration committee was in full force and I’m so proud of those girls!


Kalli and Josh’s theme is “Welcome to the world.”  They love to travel (they recently went to Thailand), and so we went all out with maps!


Everyone chipped in on food and dessert and there were so many yummy treats to eat.


Jenny left me a few of the pretty plants and the Canadian flag!! Yay shout out to my homeland 🙂


Rebecca did a great job with the baby shower games, my favorite was ‘guess the baby’


Mostly because the set up was so pretty.  Can’t go wrong with an old fashion trunk!

Baby made out like a bandit, and so did the babies papa with some yummy beer.


The shower was so much fun, and Kalli is such a warm person and it’s so easy to see why people love her!


We all had so much fun putting it on, I guess if we ever want to branch out of speech therapy we could always go into baby shower planning 🙂  Love these girls!

Be well.