Hi Hi!!!

I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday?  Clearly time has gotten away from me as I’m recapping my weekend a little late in the game.  This weekend was just so jam packed with amazingness that I thought I would share some of the deets with you all.

It started on Friday night when my friend, Savannah, and her husband came over to watch the movie “Teeth.”  Yeah I’m talking about this movie:

Don’t shy away, this is a terribad movie that you just shouldn’t pass up!

WAIT, hold up, rewind to Thursday night, Dave and I had a mini date at Chuck’s Hop Shop.  Prior to getting there we procured some pizza from Mio Posto (I think I just peed a little thinking about the potato pizza).


IMG_0014.jpgThe best part was seeing a couple families at Chuck’s with toddlers, I don’t know why I liked this but it made me think of when Dave and I have kids 🙂 🙂

It also made me think about how much I love pizza


Okay, fast forward to Saturday morning, bright and early I took a spin class at Beautiful Bike.  Don’t let the term ‘spin class’ fool you, this is anything but a typical spin class.  I felt like I was riding with a crew on the Tour de France.  I CAN’T wait to get back into that studio to try another class, so hard, and yet so much fun!

Later that morning we were enjoying a lovely brunch with our friends Kelley and Russell at Revel.  Always such a treat to eat at Revel, but it was definitely amplified by the awesome company.  Then we walked around and sat by the water, soaking up as much of the gorgeous day as we could.  I’m shooting myself in the foot for not taking photos of the delicious meal, but aw well, sometimes you must enjoy life and be totally in the moment.

By the time we got home I was exHAUSTED.  I had forgot that we had made reservations at Il Corvo for dinner about a month ago.  Don’t judge my journey, but I kind of wanted to bail on our reservation.  I summoned all my energy and got my butt into a date outfit, and out the door.


I love the ambiance at Il Corvo, it reminds me of my nonna’s house and it makes me long to go see her, and go to Italy!  The meal was prix fixe, and you could tell it was made with love and skill, the Italian way for sure.

Sunday morning it was time for my friend and co-worker’s baby shower at my place.


It was very fun and I’m going to have a full post on it later.

After all the ladies left and I tidied up I headed out for my 7 miler.  I went towards Bellevue and EVERY time I go across the 90 bridge I get really freaked out that a car/truck is gonna kick something up at me.  I swear, every 5 seconds I visualize it and have a full body spasm.


It NEVER gets better!

All in all a great weekend.

Be well.