This weekend was pretty much the opposite of last weekend.  We stayed home almost the whole time, and it was great.  Sometimes you need to bring a little puppy into your life to force you to relax at home



No, we didn’t adopt another puppy, these two are just enough for us at this point in our life

charlie and oli

But I’m not going to lie, watching my friend, Tara’s, puppy for the weekend was an absolute blast!

Oli and Kodi played all weekend long.  It was funny because Oli would get tired (he’s 1.5 years old), and he would be so shocked that Kodi still had energy.  I guess he’s just used to slow movin’ Charles.


Saturday morning my amazing husband made me breakfast in bed.


Give me ALL the carbs….and cottage cheese 🙂

I felt like I should be nice in return, so I made flourless almond/peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  I’m drawing a complete blank on where I found the recipe #badblogger I’m very sad about this because they were super delicious and I’d love to make them again.


We played a game of crib while we munched on these delicious little morsels.


We also enjoyed the view.


We decided to get a little of the puppy’s energy out on the beautiful hike later in the day.  We went to Annette Lake and only did about half the hike (apparently it doesn’t take much to poop out a puppy, or a Nicole…the elevation gain was torture).



Charlie thoroughly enjoyed himself 🙂


The view after just 40 minutes into the hike, beautiful!

Kind of wish that Saturday would have gone on forever.

Be well.