I wish it were a Sunday, cause that’s my fun day!!!



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So I did it, I made my spring wardrobe capsule.  It consists of 39 items (shoes, outerwear, tops, & bottoms).  It was definitely a process, and it was hard to part with some things, but I’m proud to say that I donated/sold a lot of items.

If you live in Seattle (or a similar city) then you are lucky to have access to all the second hand stores that buy/trade clothing.  I took a lot of my clothing to Crossroads Trading Co., and I was able to get some money to buy the booties photographed above.  They’re pretty particular about what they take; they want things that are fairly new, in style, and in season.  I think they are pretty fair about how they do it, and I highly recommend them to people wanting to do some spring wardrobe cleaning.

Let me tell you about the outfit I’m wearing

Hat: H&M (no longer in stock, and I couldn’t find similar)

Top: Victoria Secret essential v neck (clearly I love these tops, I have a grey one and a white one)

Outerwear: green military jacket from an Instagram shop of my friends who now has an online store, Pretty.Dirty.Hippie she has great stuff!!

Pants: Forever 21 classic skinny jeans 

Shoes: Crossroads cut out booties

Hope you’re having a great weekend!!

Be well.