I had my follow up appointment with the orthopedic specialist and news is there is no news.  Meaning nothing is structurally wrong with my knee (YAY), I probably have runner’s knee (BOO).  I will admit I felt like a giant baby.

Doctor:  In the MRI we couldn’t see anything structurally that would be causing the pain.

Me: Oh, I see.

Doctor:  There may be something lurking, but the surgery to look and see is sometimes more intrusive than it’s worth.

Me: Oh I see.  So I guess I’m one of those peoples that needs to do clam shells, side steps, bridges, etc. every other day in order to run long distances?

Doctor: Possibly

Me: But I don’t wanna!!!!!!!!

Why is it that I’m willing to run great lengths, but I can’t build in the time to do my hip exercises.  Now I have to back WAY off of running and get things back to normal.


In all honesty I’m very happy that I don’t have anything structurally wrong with my knee, this means that surgery is not necessary.  So what does it mean then…

I usually hate WebMD, I’m pretty sure most health care professionals do. But I’ve been reading about runner’s knee on there, and I’m trying to follow through with some of the recommendations.  Namely, I’ve been icing, taking anti inflammatories, and strength training.  I have found that Barre is a great way to strengthen my glutes without feeling like I have to do a million clam shells (waa waa).  I’ve also read that you should back wayyyy off running, and as you slowly build your mileage listen to your body (e.g., run until you feel pain, then stop stretch and ice).

In keeping with decreasing my mileage I ran the negative splits 5k last weekend instead of the half marathon.  I was happy with my time 28:34, I took 4th in my age group!! Woo hoo!

Since I know you love hearing ramblings from my life, here are some photos from my phone:

If you’re looking for a place to sell your clothes and you don’t have the Crossroads or Buffalo option I highly recommend ThredUP.  I haven’t received a quote yet for the things I’ve sent them, but I’ve really liked working with them so far (I’ll keep you posted).


This made me smile (and think of myself, except that it would be 2006 vs 2015)


Taco bar for the win!


Oliver’s new sweater (compliments of nonna).


Starting my Palm Springs trip off the right way, with a glass of wine.  Yes, that’s my childhood blanket in the background (I came home from the hospital with it and we shall never part)!


Be well.