Happy Wednesday, and now for a few of my favorite things around the interwebs:

When a baby teaches a dance classFYI babies are the cutest.

Trader Joe’s Sriracha Ranch: This actually exists, and it’s delicious!  Pretty spicy though, even for this fiery Italian.


12 best vegan foods at Trader Joe’s: Speaking of ol’ TJ’s, these are pretty awesome.  I’m also a BIG fan of the edamame nuggets. YUM!

Stability Ball workout by the Fitnessista:  Our new apartment doesn’t have kettle bells (wah wah – I know we should just get some of our own), but they do have stability balls and this looks great!

Total Training with Tammy: I took her bootcamp class twice last week and it was a killer!!  I’m thinking of a membership because it was such a good workout, I’ll post a full recap later.

Luisa knows best: I’m so excited for my first installment of these posts, “removing nail polish without nail polish remover.”  This tip came in handy right before my friends wedding!  Can’t wait to post more of my superstitious Italian mother’s suggestions.

This Danielle Guizio duffel bag: So amazing.



Just a wee blind girl: autocorrect, gets us every time.

Be Well.