Happy National Dog day everyone!!!!  I know so many dog lovers (I find they make the best kind of friends), so I know many of you are celebrating your sweet little beasts right now.  Give them a big squish for me!

Here are some recent shots of my babies at my grandparent’s lake cabin:



Pretty much the best ever!!!!!!  Hope you are giving your dog a little love right now, and maybe a bone.

On to some yumminess I’ve been indulging in lately.  I recently made Jen’s honey almond & coconut granola, you can find the recipe at her blog: Peanut Butter Runner

granola 1

I highly recommend this granola, it’s slightly sweet and super delicious.  A little bit goes a long way, so it makes a great parfait topper or sprinkled on a smoothie!

Granola 3

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!

Be Well.