Happy Sunday!!  It’s been so long since I’ve come at you with a Sunday Style post so this is a very exciting moment for me! YAY!

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I’m still figuring out what the weather is going to be like down here, so I’m trying to stay away from purchasing any new garment until I’ve experienced a SoCal winter (yeah, I’m droppin’ that term on ya). HOWEVER, I just happened to be in Target yesterday and stumbled upon some awesome items; a few of which I couldn’t resist.  This post features one of the items I snagged, printed jogger pants.  I actually tend to be a person that runs hot temperature wise, but it’s pretty warm down here so I figured a light weight pant would be pretty good for “fall.”  


These are very soft, and super comfortable!

I love the ‘jogger’ pant look, so I was excited to see it in a new form!


Full Body II


I’m already thinking of other types of tops I can pair them with.  I’ve started looking at pinterest for outfit inspiration and I really like this look!



Outfit details:

Top: American Apparel Cotton Spandex Crop Top

Bottoms: Target Printed Jogger Pant

Shoes: Birkenstock

Be well!