I’ll admit it, I love seeing a glimpse into the daily eats of the bloggers I follow.  I’d love to know the psychology behind my interest in knowing what people put in their face holes, but alas all I can tell you is that the curiosity runs deep!  I also think I just like looking at food, putting it in my mouth, and taking pictures of it.  So it seems the logical next step would be to share them with you, here are all the things I ate yesterday.  A burrito was involved, so yup, it was a good day.

  • The day started off with a massive glass of water along with a piece of toast topped with a fried egg, avocado, and chipotle salsa.


  • I made Dave a smoothie and my OCD makes me feel like I should only put 15 almonds in it, so I had these three left over in my hand that I needed to eat.


  • I was in need for a mid morning snack so I had some peaches and soy milk topped with unsweetened shredded coconut.



  • Dave whipped me up a soy latte (using All City Coffee espresso); buh, he do a pretty gooda job! **she said with an Italian accent**


  • I’m not gonna lie, I felt snacky all day, so I grabbed some Beanitos and salsa/cottage cheese mixture.


  • As soon as I started feeling more snacky I decided it was time for tea-intervention, it totally did the trick and my hunger was staved off until dinner (BTW, this tea is amazing, super creamy and delicious)


  • Once dinner rolled around it was decided that we needed burritos in our bellies.  Perla’s Taqueria is auh-mazing!  We still haven’t checked out taco Tuesday (though we hear it’s great), but the chipotle fish burrito is to die for!


Good day of eats, I hope you enjoyed.  Also, I hope you thoroughly feel as though you need to go get a burrito!!!!!

Be well.