It’s time for a little link love!!  If you’ve been here before then you know what to do, if not, click the picture to get the full story!

  • Vegetarian foods that aren’t in fact vegetarian.  I’m definitely not the most stringent pescatarian, but I do like to educate myself on hidden animal products in foods, so I thought this article was interesting.


  • I was just about to head out the door to buy a pumpkin spice latte, when I remember reading on Taralynn’s blog that they are no longer vegan, so I wondered, ‘well, what makes them not vegan if you get soy milk and omit the whipped cream.’  This article stopped me from getting one…


  • I’ve registered for a free online course through UC Berkley called “The Science of Happiness.”  I’m a big psychology nut, so I’m super excited for the course.  Enroll with me!!!


  • I recently acquired the Canon Pixma MG 7520 and I am so happy I did, the photo quality is amazing!! Plus the touch screen is pretty nifty.  I have all these craft projects in mind and in my research came across  instaport which gives you the ability to download and subsequently print your Instagram photos, boom Instagram #cantholdusdown


That’s it for now!

Be well.