The first time I came to Disneyland was in 1995, and I just love that certain aspects of Disney stay the same.


Both days we constantly found ourselves discussing the tremendous thought and creativity that goes into their ability to overlap new decor onto the original rides/decorations.  


The last time we visited the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was closed for refurbishment.  It’s always such a disappointment when a ride is closed (this time it was pirates), but I have to admit the new additions to the Railroad ride were perfect!


This little guy had a good time too!


We got stuck at this point on the Haunted Mansion, and we had some intimate chats with Jack.

NO INDIANA JONES!!!!!!!! Best.Ride.Ever.


I know that the whole Diamond Disney is just another way for them to sell stuff around the park, but honestly it looked really cool.


Watch out Disneyland, you got some real thugs on Splash Mountain!


I’ve decided rollercoasters are the great equalizer, perhaps we should put presidential candidates on a roller coaster together and then as they debate just have a slide show of the pics on projector behind them.


Turns out I’m a thrilling kisser!


I love that it was lit up at night!!


What an amazing couple of days!  I’m so excited that this place is a 20 minute drive away!

Be well.