One year ago today I had the privilege of marrying the love of my life.  When I look in his eyes, I can be transported to that day and I’m filled with so much joy!


Just to name a few of his strengths: he always listens, he cares about my feelings, he is interested in my interests, he loves Charlie as if he were his own, his love of animals/music is on par with mine, he’s introspective, and the list could go on.


Our relationship hasn’t always been easy, but as I’ve mentioned in my post about conflicts, we’ve worked through so many things, and our communication is stronger because of it.  All that is to say I feel like we put in the work (both individually and together) and we are reaping the benefits now.  We’ll always have things to work through in life, but it’s so great to know I have someone who’s always on my side to do it with.

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Happy anniversary to the love of my life.  He helps me be a better me.  I love him so.

Be well.

Photos by Rick+Anna