I can’t help but think of one of our favorite places to eat there, the Korean Tofu House.  It combines two of my favorite things about a good food spot, cheap and delicious! In fact so much so that I included in my 10 inexpensive date ideas post.  Now, it’s definitely been too long since we’ve been there, but reminiscing about it might help me fill that void!  Or just long for that tasty delicious goodness!!!

It’s located right off the Ave, and for those of you who know Seattle you know that’s college student central.  I personally love being around it, takes me back to my scholarly days.  The restaurant itself is just what you would expect of a cheap quirky University area Korean place, and it’s UH-mazing!


Always good company ❤


Before every meal you will receive Banchan, which translates to ‘side dish,’ but I always think of it as an appetizer and it’s delicious!  I especially love the potato, kimchi, fish cake, and Korean pancake….okay, I guess I like it all! Haha.  The cool thing is that it often changes, so you never know what you’re gonna get….Omnomnomnomnom.

Dave and I both get the Bibimbap frequently, I usually get mine with tofu (this place is pretty great about any substitutions you may need/want).  This dish is served in a stone dish that is extremely hot (Seriously. No touching), and before you eat it you are suppose to stir all that yummy goodness together.  As you are stirring the raw egg in the middle cooks, everything becomes evenly dispersed, and the rice gets crispy and delicious!


Dave likes to put his gochujang (savory, spicy, fermented sauce) on before he mixes it, this makes for equal distribution of taste and some have said leads to flavorgasms.


Now, Tteokbokki (say what?) is one of my favorite FAVORITE dishes!   It’s made of rice cakes, fish cakes, and that yummy red sauce, gochujang!  This restaurant usually serves this dish with meat, but again they are very flexible.

Now I’m not sure if this post actually satisfied anything in me or created a deeper craving.  Either way I hope you enjoyed it!

Be well.