I can’t sleep.

I just need to write.

Today we lost one of my favorites. My Nonna. Emma Morelli.

nonna birthday

If you have even met me then it’s very likely you have heard a story about my Nonna. You probably know that she’s hilarious, giving, and sensitive.

oh nonna

My earliest memories of nonna were when she would watch my siblings and I while babysitting a neighbor’s child. Her house always had homemade bread, pizza, pasta, sugo, antipasto, and tons of other delicious Italian foods that I can only hope to recreate for my family.


Some of my favorite Nonna quotes:

“Buh, I guess so”

“Oh nonna”


“I carry on, carry on”

“I love you with allamy heart”

“How’s Dah-veed?”

“Ciao baby”


I know that we are all put on this earth and one day we will leave, but today a large hole has been left. I’m sad for so many reasons, but something that really has me down is how Mira won’t get to know you like I did.


I promise to tell her what her middle name stands for. I promise tell her your story, how life was definitely not always fair to you but how you worked hard to make it better for us. I promise to share your food with her. I promise to teach her how to play dice.

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I love you so much my Nonna, and I will carry you always and forever in my heart. You are a part of me and now you are a part of my daughter, Mirabella Emma. I know that you are with Nonno now, and I’m sure there’s a rock somewhere that we’ll hear about later.