Well, I missed three months, so this will really be a recap of Mira’s third and fourth months of life.


Our little bean is extremely adorable, especially between the hours of 7am-5pm. It can get a little shady anytime after 5pm, see this video to find out just how Mira’s doing at 3am.


Our little girl currently enjoys:


-Hitting her toys with her feet

-Whenever her nonna says “piccanina de la nonna”

-Her good night stories for rebel girls (we read 2-3 a night before bed)

-Her night time songs: “You are my sunshine” “Baby mine” “Golden slumbers”

-Water (pool, bath, shower)

-Other people/babies

-The dogs


She also really enjoys dancing

Mira’s dislikes:

-5pm or later (as I mentioned before)

-She continues to hate sleep, outside of the first couple of weeks of her life, she really hasn’t fallen asleep without some level of tears.

-Loud laughing (cue my anxiety ****sensory disorder?!?!?!!!****)

-Tummy time – we do it anyways, but man does she hate it. Oliver sure makes it more appealing.


Oliver isn’t so sure. I think it may be jealousy, but it’s not about her it’s more about her toys….


Mira experienced two big firsts this month:



-Pumpkin Patch


both were so much fun!!

These last couple months have had there ups and downs (we made sure to get footage of both so Mira knows the good, the bad, and the ugly), but it has definitely been so amazing to see Mira laugh and really interact. Her personality is really shining through and it’s been so fun!

As you probably saw in my previous post my nonna passed away a couple weeks ago. Last week we went back to the town where I was born and attended her funeral. It was a really hard time, but it was also really nice to see family.


Nonna got Mira the jacket and cap and I thought she looked really cute in it!

We miss nonna every day, but I’m just so happy that there’s a little nonna in me and my mom and everyone in my family and we can share that with Mira.


Be well.