Hey everyone, just popping in with a few of my Friday favorites! Many of these will be food related because, well, food. There may also be a special “Mira’s Favorite” in there. Hope you enjoy 🙂


  • I almost bought a costco size pack of Ferrero Rocher, but I’m glad I opted for the normal size. This one is usually a Christmas treat, but about a month ago Dave brought me home a little packet of them and now I crave them all the time! If I’m being honest I’ve also been trying to track down Cadbury eggs, but I think it’s seriously too early for that sitch.


  • This pillow has made a comeback in my life, it makes sleep enjoyable again!


  • I have been really turned off by coffee for a long while now and I really really miss it. I love the ritual of having a cup of coffee in the morning, but I can’t even remember the last time I had one with my breakfast. In the beginning of this pregnancy I turned towards tea, and now I’m addicted and have a cup a day. Because I’ve also been obsessed with pumpkin (#basic), I tried the Trader Joe’s pumpkin rooibos and it’s everything I’ve wanted and more.


  • In other beverage related news, I’ve also been into hot chocolate. Again, I almost made an impulse Costco sized purchase, but held back and then found this lovely little yum yum spot at Ross’s Dress For Less (gotta love finding food items at a home goods store).


  • Celebrating four years of love with the most amazing man ever.

And now it’s time for Mira’s favorites…

  • PAPA!!!! I’m not the only one that’s got this guy as a favorite this week. Lately Mira has been all about sitting in her papa’s lap, chasing him around the house, and having him hold her. It makes my heart melt, mostly because I love this guy so much and when I see her love him I think ‘she get’s it, he’s the best!’


  • “ELNO!!!!!!!!!!” We love Elmo around these parts, he sleeps with Mira at nap time, he is in her arms all around the house and he gets to sit in her puppy chair (which is kind of a big deal). I do recast the correct production, but I’m having my first ever speech therapist struggle where I love the cute incorrect production! Plus I know it’s a close enough approximation and the reason it’s happening is because she’s accurately getting the /l/ sound, so yay for that! Wow, maybe you guys didn’t want to hear all that??? Side note, now I’m trying to convince Dave we need a trip to Sesame place!!!!!


That’s it for now, have a great weekend!

Be well.