Hi! I’m Nicole, I’m an Italian, pescatarian, animal/music loving, fashion crazed, fitness enthusiast!!


This blog has become my creative space to share with you my interests: healthy living/eating, fitness, animals, music, occasional art, and fashion.  If any of those things sound interesting to you, then stay tuned!

My fitness goals really inspired me to start a blog.  A while back my husband, Dave, and I began a healthy journey which we plan to stay on for the rest of our lives.  It started with two half marathons, and continues to grow with our love for exercise and the outdoors.  My fitness passions include running, rock climbing, snowboarding, hot yoga, HIIT exercises, spinning, kettlebells, surfing, and sooo much more.  As the blog has evolved I’ve also discovered my love of fashion, and I will continue to share bits and pieces of my style repertoire.

IMG_6951We recently moved to Southern California, and while I miss my friends and family, I am loving it down here.  The culture, beach, sunshine, and friendly people have been a blast thus far.  I feel that the blog is a way to stay connected to friends back up north and connect with new friends along the way.  Please feel free to comment or get in touch with me.

Antigravity yoga 2

I’m excited to share more about myself and my healthy journey with you all!!

Be well.