The Art of Running in the Rain

"To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift." -Prefontaine



Mira is one!

Last Saturday miss Mirabella Emma turned 365 days old. It was funny, I woke up at 4:21am and thought to myself, ‘it was almost this time exactly last year that I was grabbing our little girl and putting her on my chest.’

This year has been a wild ride, and Mira you have taught me so much about myself and this world we live in. I’m working my way closer and closer to a growth mindset. Everyone in my world is pushing me to grow as a human and sometimes it is hard, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.


Mira celebrated her first birthday surrounded by some friends and with funfetti cake, and she was simply in heaven!


Since our last update Mira has had a few firsts:

-Visit to the zoo

-3 hour nap (it was glooooorious for both of us)

-Race day (Mira walked 7.6 miles during bloomsday with her aunt, uncle, and nonna)

-Extended trip from her papa

-Night away from mama

-Pee pee and poo poo in her potty (we’ve been doing some mild EC….before Mira came into the world I wanted to do it from the beginning, but it was all I could do to just survive those first 6 months with sad Mira. Now that she’s happier with life we feel like we can try it out a bit 🙂


When talking about Mira’s firsts I’ve been trying my best to steer clear of ‘developmental milestones’ because the only people that really need to be aware of them are Mira, Dave, myself and her pediatrician. I’ve observed some parents become really anxious/concerned when sitting around with others’ talking about whose kid is crawling/standing/walking/sitting up/eating this/eating that (and I was victim of the worry as well). Since that bout of worrying, specifically about crawling, I realized that it was all this talk and comparing that was holding me back from really enjoying who Mira was in that moment, regardless of what she could or could not do. Not to mention that it’s good to get out of the habit of verbally comparing her to anyone else, she doesn’t need to be hearing/doing that. I get that it can be hard though, especially if you’re having serious concerns about your child’s development, and in that case maybe sharing with other people is the best. I just feel that it was taking away from my life rather than adding to it (every child is different, and every parent is different as well….NO judgement).

IMG_6311.jpgI have to say that I am 100% thankful for my family, friends and this blog (oh, and my therapist) because they have all been a place for me to externalize the ups and downs of this last year. I feel grateful that I am able to share all this with the world, because it’s important that people see the good and the bad on social media (it’s not all flowers and sausages). Plus I just feel like when we experience the world as it is rather than trying to construct a world as we think it should be, we are able to heal and accept ourselves and others as they are.


**note the Oliver licking his junk in this photo**

Mira and Oliver have really been enjoying playing with each other, I believe if she could say it, dogs would be her favorite animal. She waves ‘hello’ to every dog we see. She has a specific utterance that sounds like ‘Oliver,’ it’s basically just the intonation, and it’s extremely cute!!!


I can’t even put into words how much happiness this little girl has brought into my world. Dave and I were extremely excited to meet our little girl when she was still inside me, but I have to admit that I was also very nervous. Nervous because my love for Dave is so deep/hard that I was concerned about how this third person would integrate into our family unit. Well I tell you what folks, this little girl has made me love Dave even more, and I feel like everyday I am just so looking forward to things we will be doing together.

This year Dave celebrated his first father’s day, and I celebrated my first mother’s day and it was everything we ever thought it could be. Dave’s mom was in town and we enjoyed a brunch out (complete with endless bloody marys).

IMG_E6405.JPG Mira’s face says all that needs to be said about endless bloody marys.

Mira’s been really into dancing lately so we’ve been really enjoying some daily dance parties.

It’s been an amazing year, and I’m so glad I could share it with you all and create this virtual memorabilia for Mira. Stay tuned for year two of Mira’s life, probably not with as frequent updates, but updates nonetheless.

Be well.

Mira is eight months

as of two days ago, but I mean, hey, I’m getting it done, so back off.


Look how big she is!!! **banana for perspective 😉 **

This little girl has grown up tremendously in the last couple of months!


She has so much to say ALL the time, she really likes the consonant sounds: /m, b, p, k, g/, and we’ve heard something similar to ‘hi’ and and an approximation to ‘mama.’ Her only true word right now is ‘more’ in the context of eating, I’m currently trying to help her generalize to toys 🙂

DSC_0095.JPGI think Mira’s face speaks to how she feels about me applying my speech therapist skills on her.

Her current likes:

  • Having friends/family all around her
  • Going on walks – this one hasn’t changed since birth
  • Her lovie- bunny – thanks auntie Kate, Emily, and Lo Lo
  • When her mama dances and makes funny faces at her
  • Oliver playing with toys
  • Papa putting her on his shoulders
  • Eating ALL the food.
  • Going for runs


Current dislikes:

  • Still hates going to sleep – the amount of tears involved have GREATLY decreased, but there are often tears nonetheless.
  • She went through a small phrase of separation anxiety, but that was short lived and she’s back to being super social.  **knock on wood, because I hear it can get worst**

I left that last one blank because honestly guys there is not a lot that Mira doesn’t like right now! She is a bad ass chick and SOoooOO much fun to hang out with. I’m just really relishing in it because developmentally she’s suppose to hate me/structure pretty strongly in a year or so.  So don’t worry, I know, “enjoy these moments!”


I will say, I love it when I see mamas posting pics of their older children, just loving those moments too (like, they do happen!) My girlfriend recently posted the sweetest pic of a snuggle moment with her four-year-old daughter, and all I thought was “YAY, I can’t wait to cuddle like that with Mira!”

Mira had some awesome friend moments over the last couple of months, and she is really looking forward to more chances to hang out with friends!

We had to say goodbye to our boner boy, Charlie. I’m so happy that Mira was able to spend the first part of her life with him. He loved her so much, and I know he will be watching over her as she grows.


Mira celebrated her first Valentine’s Day and thanks to her aunt Rebecca she was pretty dolled up for the occasion.


Mira’s had a great couple of months, and we are looking forward to what this little firecracker has in store for us 🙂

Be well.

11 Years, Feels Like 2

My friend showed me this video and man did I cry after watching it.  It made me think of the last eleven years I’ve had with this guy..


Charlie has been with me through some pretty difficult times in my life and I really don’t know what I would have done without him.


When I first met Charlie they said they had found him roaming the streets of Seattle.  I took him to the play area Seattle Animal Shelter has in their backyard and he was totally aloof.  This was what I wanted in a dog.


He was fooling me though, playing coy I think.  Because this dog has a tremendous amount of personality.  He gets very excited to see pretty much everyone, Tara always says the song that goes, “I didn’t mean to scare you, you just seemed really nice” reminds her of him and it’s completely true.


Charlie was named after the dog in this movie, and while he’s really more like ‘itchy,’ I just love how she says his name, I say it to him in her voice all the time.

This dog means so much to me, I often cry thinking about what my life will be like without him. I used to get upset at myself for worrying about that, but I now know that when I cry for that (hopefully) far off future I’m just practicing the sadness that will inevitably be. Sadness, disappointment, loss, they are all a part of life. Let’s not pretend these things don’t happen, but let’s celebrate what we have right now. Knowing, that when the hard time does come, we will be sad, but also resilient.

I love you my Charlie bone ❤

National Dog Day & almond butter-honey granola

Happy National Dog day everyone!!!!  I know so many dog lovers (I find they make the best kind of friends), so I know many of you are celebrating your sweet little beasts right now.  Give them a big squish for me!

Here are some recent shots of my babies at my grandparent’s lake cabin:



Pretty much the best ever!!!!!!  Hope you are giving your dog a little love right now, and maybe a bone.

On to some yumminess I’ve been indulging in lately.  I recently made Jen’s honey almond & coconut granola, you can find the recipe at her blog: Peanut Butter Runner

granola 1

I highly recommend this granola, it’s slightly sweet and super delicious.  A little bit goes a long way, so it makes a great parfait topper or sprinkled on a smoothie!

Granola 3

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!

Be Well.

Tiffany & Mindy tie the knot

As I lie here, still sick (it’s been about a week of continually not feeling great, and I think the climax has been yesterday and today), I can’t help but be reminiscent on my good friends’ wedding a few weeks ago.  I’ve known Tiffany for about 7 years now, and she’s always been a go to friend for fun times, deep chats, and all around niceness.  I really couldn’t express how happy I am for her to have found a most bodacious babe, and amazing companion!  They compliment each other in so many ways, and like most of those one of a kind awesome relationships, they are constantly helping each other grow to be better people.

I think I cried about three times at their wedding, really not unusual for me to bring on the water works (I’m a sensitive soul, though I seem thick skinned #10bucksifyounamethatmovie).  It made me a little teary thinking of Dave and my upcoming wedding, and how I hope the same love and support that was at Tiffany & Mindy’s wedding will be at ours.  I’m going to let the pictures do the talking (though I may chime in every now and again).  Hope you ladies are having an amazing time in Italy, you deserve it 🙂

Beautiful view from Tiffany & Mindy’s cabinIMG_6707.JPGRoomies!!



Sleepy puppy/ring bearer IMG_6724.JPG

Short break for a dance party

Izzie looking oh so regal in her bow tie!


Pre-ceremony love!IMG_6733.JPGBuddies!!

Tears, tears, tears..


Mama love!





Silly faces!


More mama love!!


Beautiful sunset on Orcas Island (although, Josh says his was better).


What a great weekend, and fun people to spend it with.  Thanks for all the love and laughter!

Be well.

Labor day camping!


Time to get on the road!  It’s wild how much stuff it requires to sustain 5 humans and 2 dogs for the weekend.  A. Lot.  The car ride was filled with the usual, ABC game, stories about conception, and witty banter.  The newest addition: Family Feud.  Super fun game 🙂


First things first, let’s get the Wifi


Just kidding, no wifi and no reception for 3 full days.  Well except when we went into town to buy me a sleeping bad because I had forgot mine.  #camping101 #wheresmyheadat

Next up, Charlie gettin’ cozy time.


Time for a little cribbage

IMG_6666I was thinking of just letting you guess what this next picture is about:

But then it would be WAY more fun to tell you about ear candling.  It is 100% not recommended; the research says that it’s not harmful, but that’s it’s also not really effective.  Although, we all tried it this last weekend and it was very relaxing and seemed to work.  It’s a hollow candle that you light on fire on one end and put the other end in your ear.  Essentially it’s suppose to clear out excessive cerumen from your outer ear.  It. Did.

Chillin’ yo!  You may notice the propane fire, yeah there was a ban on wood fires, which we figured out the second night (I’ll let you connect the dots on that one).IMG_6663


Time for bed, let’s get cozy.



I basically slept with yoda this weekend.

IMG_6660Breakfast on the way home always tastes super delicious.   Breakfast lovers!!!


I feel like there is a direct correlation with the number of days you’ve gone without showering and electronics and the level of satisfaction derived from that first shower when you get back home 😛

Camping was awesome, can’t wait for the next trip!  I have a ‘camping workout’ to share with you all soon!

Be well.




Highlights from Nonna’s



Burpee Challenge!!!


Day 1 = I was the winner.  Day 2 = Daniel won.


Did I mention LOGAN LOVES DOGS!!!!!!!!  Charlie and Oliver were in heaven, I’ve never met a 22 month old as gentle with dogs as he is, so adorable!


Mom got a little crazy.  In true Italian fashion she was taking swigs of grappa and then offering it to everyone else.  With a thick Italian accent she would say, “you want a little bit of da juice?”

You want a little bit of the juice.jpg

Julia didn’t buy it, but we had a good laugh.  Especially when mom’s $17,000 ipad when flying into the water ;P


Can I just say that this little guy is SUPER intelligent.  Dave had so much fun building a star wars walker out of legos with him.


It’s always fun visiting nonna, especially when I get to see so many fun family members!

Be well.

Guilty pleasures

My initial thought was to name the post “Guilty pleasures,” and then I thought that it’s too bad that the term ‘guilty pleasure’ has any sort of negative connotation. So I decided to name the post, ‘Pleasures which you feel slightly ashamed of due to the constructs of society,’ well, needless-to-say that felt WAY too long, so I went back to ‘Guilty pleasures.’

Here are a few of my top:

1.) Binge watching early 90s sitcoms. Roseanne, Golden Girls, Cheers, Frasier, the list goes on. I’m not sure how Dave feels when I make him endure these gems in their entirety, but I find nothing more soothing to my OCD then to watch a show from beginning to end. Also, finding out that Roseanne was quite the progressive show was a pleasant surprise.

Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!

2.) Stuffing my mouth with popcorn or fruit. I just get some odd satisfaction from feeling too much of these things in my mouth. It doesn’t work with all foods, just these two (so my occupational therapist friends can calm down, I don’t have a motor planning disorder).

3.) Pinterest. This one’s so obvious I felt like I didn’t need to write it. I believe I am with the some 80% of women who would also put this on their list.

4.) Having the same thing for breakfast over and over and over, until I get tired of it and move on. The last 3-4 months it’s been parfaits, mainly Go Lean Crunch, berries, yogurt, and Trader Joe’s creamy unsalted almond butter.  They are delicccious!


5.) Watching my dogs do weird things.  Okay, this one’s not really a guilty pleasure, but I just had to share these photos with you…

Suckling on his own leg*
Charlie: ‘What we weren’t doing anything!’ Oliver: ‘Yeah that’s right, I’m the big spoon!’

Okay, now what are YOUR ‘guilty pleasures’????

*Also, sorry that my captions are constantly capitalized, if anyone has any ideas why that may be please let me know.

Be well!

What’s in a name?

Well, it’s been quite some time since my last post, but…

Nicole's here!
Nicole’s here!

I want to give a recap of the last few weeks, because they’ve been soooo amazing!

1.) I went to Vegas/SoCal with my cousins, aunt, and mom and had a ton of fun.  I will be doing a full recap in an up coming post.  I’ll start you off with a picture of the most amazing bloody mary you could ever find:

It was build your own!!!!!

I just can’t say no to a delicious bloody mary!!

2.) I’ve been hard at my training and I completed my second half marathon (the Kirkland Mother’s Day Marathon) last Sunday.  Having it on Mother’s Day was adorable, seeing moms running with kids and/or dads+kids meeting mom at the finish line was sweet–Dave said, “I’m sorry babe I won’t be meeting you at the end, I’ll be running it with you.” 🙂 We completed the half in 2:19, which is 5 minutes faster than my time when I was 23, WOO HOO!  The best part about the whole thing was that after I was done I thought to myself, “I wanna do that again…..but faster!”  So that’s just what we’re going to do (and maybe a full marathon too).  We’ve already signed up for Seattle Rock n’ Roll half (June 21st) and I’m eager to see how hard I can push myself.



I love a good finisher’s medal 🙂  The only thing about this particular race that bummed me out (similar to race for the roses in Portland), was that even after I signed up for a women’s sm shirt they didn’t have my size.  I feel like when you pay an $85 sign up fee, you should get your shirt in the correct size.  Otherwise the course was lovely and the run was nice/easy-gotta love training.

3.) I felt like working out the DAY AFTER my half marathon!  This is really important to share because I’m so proud that my body is eager for this kind of activity 🙂 So I grabbed a kettlebell and did a really great workout.

4.) Dave and I tried acro-yoga on Tuesday and it was very fun!!  It’s definitely more difficult than you’d think, we’ll be back to the class I’m sure, hopefully one day we can do it out on the water:

acro yoga


5.) I made the most  awesome inside out peanut butter cups!  I have almost perfected the recipe, well suffice to say I perfected it and then burnt some of the peanut butter.  So once I make it without burning it, I’ll post the recipe!

6.) I decided to get my belly button pierced once again.  This was my reward (I know, I guess my definition of reward is different than most peoples) to myself for feeling good about my abs.  Nothing like a little bling to motivate some ab workouts!!

7.) I completed the fastest run I have ever done (in my LIFE).  No where to go from here but up, or down, if you’re thinking about race time.

Splits don't lie!
Splits don’t lie!

8.) Last but definitely not least, my blog has a new look AND a new name.  The name was inspired by my all time favorite book, “The Art of Racing in the Rain.”  The author is from Seattle and it’s a book from the perspective of a dog — how could this dog lover say no.  It will make you laugh, cry, and want to play with/squeeze your pooch 🙂  Check it out!  Also, I changed the ‘racing in the rain’ to ‘running in the rain,’ since it’s kind of what you need to learn to do living in Seattle.

Well, I’ve missed the blogosphere, I promise not to be gone that long again!

Be well.


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