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Mira Is Two Months!!!

Well, I would be lying if I said these last two months have breezed by. It’s such an interesting time warp with a newborn…everybody now, ‘let’s do the time warp again!’


Sorry I had to 🙂

When Dave was home from work we talked about how the days melted into one another, and I can’t think of a better way to describe it. I’m definitely jealous of countries that offer a year of leave (ehhmm Canada), but we made due with what we got and I’m so glad we had him while we did.

So I missed a one month post, but I kind of discussed our first month with bean in this post.


My hope is that I can do a monthly post so she has a virtual baby book to look back on when she’s older. Lord knows I wouldn’t be able to do a physical baby book. So let’s fast forward to today, Mira is two months old!


This month has been hard for our little girl as we learned she may have reflux 😦 We are starting to get it under control, but it’s been a tough go for her. My mom described having a newborn like having an exchange student living with you, and I felt that was an apt comparison. I think we’re starting to get a better sense of her.



  • Baths
  • Papa bouncing her on the yoga ball
  • Swinging (sometimes)
  • Being worn
  • Eating
  • Going for walks (while being worn, not in the car seat)
  • Teddybear made out of Nonno’s shirt
  • When mama calls her a goose
  • Sticking your tongue out at her
  • Mirrors
  • Looking around
  • Books (baba haha, baby faces)
  • Music (Brandi Carlile, The Doors, The Beatles, Kendrick Lamar, Regina Spektor, The Decemberists, and Ingrid Michealson)


She looks so much like my nonna when she cries!



  • Pooping
  • Car rides (oh lord)
  • Going to sleep
  • Being put down for longer than 10 minutes
  • When mama sneezes (this happens, and then she cries so hard)

Initially we thought she had a digestive issue so after her one-month appointment we began giving her probiotics. That did seem to help for a time but she continued to cry with extreme frequency. So when we saw the pediatrician for her two-month appointment he recommended we try reflux medicine (he had thought that might be her problem at the one-month appointment, but he wanted to give the probiotics a try first). Honestly today was the first day that we had some relief from excessive crying, and we are so grateful (both for our sanity and her upset).



  • Auntie Jill
  • Auntie Lolo (Lauren)
  • Guncle Canaan
  • Cousins Julia, Carlos, Mason, and Logan


Today we were discussing the things we are grateful about regarding our little miss and here is the list we came up with:

  • Her smile at 5 weeks (with all the crying we needed that interaction so early)
  • Her alertness
  • Sleeping at night (she’s pretty good about only waking up every 3-4 hours)


There’s a lot that’s been SUPER difficult in this first few months. Saying that on the blog is really difficult for me because I have a lot of guilt surrounding the fact that I don’t feel like everything is all flowers and sausages! Dave’s therapist really described it well, ‘you both have set an expectation on yourself that it should be really easy/amazing for you since it was so hard to get to this point.’ Accepting that it’s okay it didn’t turn out exactly how we planned and letting go of the control has been very helpful.

I love our little bean, can’t wait to check in with you guys at three months.

Be well.



Pump and Post I

You can thank Dave for that creative title 😉 I have a feeling it might turn into a recurring theme so I’m making this the first installation.

So now that you know what I’m up to atm, I thought I’d fill you in on the last little bit of my life. Something about the number three is sticking in my head today so I’m going to share three things from a few categories of my life.

Favorite Third Trimester Workouts:

I. Body Pump – Up until week 39 I was able to do 2 body pump classes a week and it felt great! The energy that lifting gave me was so helpful and I think it definitely helped me through my labor.


II. Walking – It’s been a family tradition to complete bloomsday every year and I wasn’t going to let pregnancy hold me back from that. It was the slowest bloomsday I’ve done yet and I had to stop four times after mile 5 due to some horrible cramps (TMI, but I was having some digestive issues that I believe added to the difficulty), but I DID IT!


III. Spin – It’s interesting how the difficulty of spin evolved throughout the pregnancy. During the second trimester I felt some pain in my hip flexors and then in the third trimester it became hard to sit on the seat. It was never too painful to do though and I’m proud of myself for getting myself to classes up until the very end.


Baby Shower: 6/3/2017

I. Friends – Thank you to these ladies for throwing an amazing baby shower (and to my mama, who also helped out a TON but I didn’t get a photo with her)

Baby shower ladies

2. Cugina – Kate helped from afar by getting this beautiful cake, she was missed for sure, but the cake was delicious! Also, did you see the donuts? My mom and friends know me so well 🙂


III. Shower dress – In general I haven’t LOVED Target’s maternity section but I found this dress and it was amazingly comfy and pretty cute!


Labor: 6/15/17-6/16/17

I. My labor team – Dave was an amazing support during labor. Him, my doula, and the labor and delivery nurse really helped me through it all.


II. Partial drug free labor – Though it didn’t go exactly as planned I worked so hard for a drug free labor and I’m proud to say that outside of a few doses of fentanyl I stuck to it. My nurses face (Pauletta was literally the BEST) says it ALL! I am also proud to say that I was the loudest person in labor that night 🙂


III. Dave’s tears – If you know me then you know I’m a crier, but I guess I don’t cry at major life events (e.g., weddings, child birth). But I love that my husband does, I’m so happy Mira will grow up knowing a man that shows all his emotions.


Mira In The Hospital:

I. The Five A.M. Crew – Mira was born at 4:23am on Friday June 16th, so need I say more about the people who stayed up until five a.m. to meet our new little human. Nonna brought the nurse’s donuts too, she’s the besht!


II. Family of three – Although I felt I could have left the hospital in the evening on Friday they had us stay until Saturday. It ended up being nice spending those first 24 hours in our little hospital room nook with my newly expanded family.


III. Watching the love of my life become a dad – people talk about how amazing this is all the time and they definitely aren’t exaggerating.


Favorite Post-Partum Items:

I. First Forty Days – This book is amazing. It is primarily a recipe book and everything Dave has made so far has been delicious, I’m just so glad that he’s always enjoyed nourishing me with his amazing culinary skills. I have also really enjoyed the lifestyle portion of the book. They talk about the Chinese traditions/philosophies for the first forty days post-partum and all that goes into setting yourself up for the best healing possible. I highly recommend it!


II. Belly Bandit – I haven’t had it officially diagnosed yet but based on self assessment I experienced some diastasis recti, which is when your rectus abdominis separate due to the tissue thinning. Although the belly bandit has not been scientifically proven to bring the muscles back together (I’ll be doing my deep core workouts to help promote that) it feels good to wear it and I feel it has helped assist my uterus in contracting and bringing my belly in.

Belly Bandit

III. Nipple Whip – This stuff is literally the best, the end.

nipple whip.jpg


Mira’s First Few Weeks:

I. Holding her ciuccio – I mean when it’s you and your chooch against the world you gotta hold it tight!


II. Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play – Mira really enjoys sleeping in this thing, of course she prefers being held (who doesn’t???) but this thing has been really nice for naps.


III. First Bath – the actual bath was a real upset for little Mira, but I really wanted you to see the adorable towel picture when she was so relieved to be out of the water.


Parent Judgements – I have to preface this one with my love for growing as a person and admitting/working on my faults. Before becoming a parent there were silly things that I looked at and judged, now that I’ve lived it I definitely still have some judgements 😉 but there are a few things that I have a better understanding of, so here they are:

I. Riding in the backseat with your baby – I have no idea why I hated seeing parents do this, but now I know that in the first few weeks of your babies life it’s hard not to want to ride with them. For me it had to do with anxiety about how she was sitting in the car seat. People like to say shit like “Oh just wait, the worrying only gets worst” but I have to say that for me the level of anxiety has decreased in just the last week of getting used to her. Also, I can’t wait until I can work out again (which ALWAYS helps me with my anxiety).


II. Bed Sharing – I understand why it’s not for everyone and why it wouldn’t be safe in all situations; however, it works for our family and it’s so nice to get 4-5 hour stretches of sleep 🙂


III. Okay, so Dave and I have been sitting here for the past five minutes trying to think of another one and I can’t think of anything. I turned to him and said “I don’t think there is a third one,” he laughed and said, “it’s just that you judge so much.” HAHA my husband knows me.

So I’ll leave you with a few pictures of Mira meeting her nonno, nonna, and grandma.




Be well.


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