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Mira’s First Trip To Disneyland

Well in the bittersweet way that life often happens we found ourselves in Southern California last week when Dave’s grandma passed away. We spent the majority of time in Los Angelos, but we made our way down to Orange County on a couple of occasions, one of those occasions being Disneyland. I’m going to write a more detailed post about some of my favorite places in southern California (I’ve been meaning to do that since we lived down there), but for now let me tell you about our trip to Disneyland, or as I like to refer to it, Mira’s first trip to Disneyland. I was slightly apprehensive to go to Disneyland with a child under 5, but that was before I found myself 40 minutes away from Disneyland. That. Changed. Everything.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 9.06.28 AM

Some of you may have agreed with my initial sentiment (especially those of you who have knowledge of child development….man, the skill set they expect you to have at Disneyland….patience, delayed gratification, etc….I know adults that don’t have that shit), but Mirabella had one of the best days of her life. I’m not even talking about how excited/happy she was, I’m talking about minimal-upset, falling asleep on dad, riding five rides and not being afraid of any (even the witch on Snow White, who was my dad’s biggest fear for a large part of his childhood).


So now I’m of the mindset that it really depends on the child, I even think you could have an infant that would be good to go in Disneyland (as long as you have someone to watch them while you ride ALL the rides). One of my all time favorite rides is Pirates of the Caribbean, and this time the ride was even better! Mira spent the entire ride laying on me half asleep (she NEVER does that), it was just really amazing!


My mom came down with us to Cali to help with watching Mira while I worked and Dave was occupied. It was nice having her with us and I know it made Mira happy. Flying with Mira is definitely a joint effort at this point, so it was nice to have her with us on the flight down when Dave was already in LA.


One of my favorite parts about Disneyland are the treats and we tried a few new ones this time. I was ALL about the slushies, this was actually my second of the day (the first one I didn’t snap a pic of, but it was orange-lemonade and it was delicious).


My mom tried the grey stuff, and apparently the dishes were correct, it’s delicious.


Here’s a list of all the other things we had that I didn’t snap a picture of: Frito Pie (this is an off menu item that you can ask for at the refreshment corner – Dave reports it’s delicious), Clam Chowder Bread Bowl (I may have ate mine and Daves), Mickey Macaroons (OMG, so delicious), Jack Skellington Cake Pop (not my fav – too much white chocolate), and as always Pooh Sandwich (I think they renamed it Mickey Sandwich, but I’ll always know it as the Pooh Sandwich) – old picture for memories.


I’d say Mira’s absolute favorite part of Disneyland was the characters, but it was perfect because she’s not at an age where she could say “I want to wait in line an hour to get their signature.” It was more of a, if we saw them we saw them, if not then who cares. When she saw Pooh she was in heaven, the funny part is it was really her first time seeing Winnie the Pooh (we didn’t even get to ride the ride because it was closed), she just really has an intense love of visually stimulating stuffed animals (aka ELNO!!!).


I’m not going to lie to you, there was a lot of apprehension about taking our 16-month-old to Disneyland, and while I’m not saying it’s something everyone should do, I do think that it really depends on your child. Mira had a great time, and I have no ragrats!


I’m excited for the time that we can go to Disney and Mira can form full sentences to tell us about what she’s seeing and how she feels about it!!!

Be well.

2016…That’s a Wrap

Well, for many of us 2016 was complete shit! It definitely had it’s share of ups and downs for the Paolone-Webb household; however, I am going to use this post as a place to focus on my favorite things that happened this last year. Don’t worry, you know me I’ll share about the shit stuff in future posts ūüėČ

1.) As many of you know for the last half of 2015 and the first half of 2016 we lived in Orange County. It was beautiful, sunny, and such an adventure!


2.) There was that time we took a road trip to Arizona to visit uncle Jeff and his animal sanctuary.


3.) Going to the Bahamas, and eating the yumminess that was in the below coconut!!!!


4.) Kelley came to visit, and we went to Disneyland and the women’s spa and it was everything.


5.) Kate, Em, Lauren, and mom came and we went to disneyland and explored Orange County.


6.) Okay, let’s be honest, I went to Disneyland A LOT this year, and I am stoked AF about it!


7.) We moved back to Seattle and it was perfect timing.


8.) We broke nonna out of the hospital for Christmas Eve dinner and I’m sooo happy we did. I love this woman so hard!


9.) Three amazing people in my life sealed the deal with their partners: Kelley & Russell, Lena & Josh, and Kate & Jon. Their weddings were definitely some of my favorite memories of 2016.

Wedding ladies

10.) We are pregnant with a little girl! She is due June 18th 2017, and we are so ecstatic I can’t even express it. I mean I guess this one is probably my biggest highlight of 2016, and I think Dave would say the same!

Bump 10 and 18.jpg

The forecast for 2017 calls for more blog posts from this girl! Here’s wishing you all a brilliant year!

Be well.



Whole30 Week 3 Check In

Checking in a day late because we’ve had a busy couple of days. ¬†Thursday night was Pageant of the Masters.

It was absolutely amazing! ¬†The first I’d heard of it was while watching this Gilmore Girls episode.¬† Then I was even more intrigued when seeing it in Arrested Development. ¬†If you have any interest in seeing real people dress up and pretend to be paintings (extremely well, I might add), then you should go!

Last night we were checking out a friend’s live podcast, Doughboys.¬†Although it’s difficult hearing about yummy foods ¬†that I can’t partake in ATM, it was still extremely hilarious! ¬†We didn’t get home until 2am, that’s late for this old lady!

Things have been pretty good¬†in the Whole30 department. ¬†As soon as I stopped feeling pain/bloating (roughly day 16/17) I got my second wind. ¬† Dave and I have been discussing how at this point (day 20 for me, day 15 for Dave), it feels like second nature. ¬†The planning/prepping are just a new way of operating, but it feels like something we could sustain, at least for the most part. ¬†I definitely wouldn’t be as strict when going out to eat, that part just makes things socially awkward.¬†I personally don’t like hearing about people’s food restrictions, so I sure as hell don’t want to explain mine to everyone sitting at a table. ¬†Other than restaurants (which is it really so bad that we go out to those less?) I can’t think of another drawback.

On to the food…


Fingerling potatoes, kale (obsessed), smoked salmon, and poached eggs.


Pitaya bowl from Nekter, they are very good about substitutions!!


Potato hash, fried eggs, and kale (I swear I’m going to switch up my greens soon).


Chia pudding – took a break from this a bit this week.


Broccoli scrambled eggs, apple and almond butter, avocado with salsa, and blackberries.


Fried eggs on a bed of kale, smoked salmon, and sweet/russet potatoes.


Another Pitaya bowl, so yum.



Snack plate (avocado, cucumber, salmon jerky, olives, carrots, cashew cheese).


Mashed potatoes and scallops (not pictured – salad).


Spiralized zucchini with anchovies topped with fried eggs and potatoes. ¬†I use this spiralizer and it’s pretty awesome!


More Nori rolls this week (so yummy).


Salmon burger on a bed of kale. ¬†Dave made these burgers and they’re so easy; I’m going to make them again and share the recipe with you ūüôā


Breakfast for dinner – Fried eggs on a bed of spinach and a side of sweet potato wedges.


It’s been a good week of eats, and I can’t say I’m sick of anything (even with all those repeats).

Prep for the week:

  • Homemade mayo
  • Pasta sauce
  • Sweet potato wedges
  • Almond milk
  • Zigzag butternut squash (Trader Joe’s product, so great for snacking)

Noticeable changes:

  • No more pain/bloat. YAY.
  • No strong cravings for the usual treats.
  • A few surges of energy during workouts, but ultimately increased fatigue during them.

The next time I’ll be checking in with you I’ll be so close to the end (or the slow steady re-introduction phase) that I’ll be able to taste it (pun intended). Until then ūüôā

Be well.



Take Advantage of Where You Live.

Dave and I woke up one Saturday morning a bit on the early side (we don’t have children yet, so waking at 7:30am on a Saturday is early for us), looked at each other and I said, “you wanna go to San Diego?” Because he’s always up for an adventure, Dave said “yes!” ¬†That aspect of where we live is so awesome, it’s¬†an hour south¬†to San Diego, an hour north to¬†Los Angeles, and an hour east to Palm Springs. ¬† We hurriedly got dressed, walked/fed the dogs, jumped in the car and were off. ¬†It’s pretty rare that we haven’t made plans, so I try to relish these moments when we can be spontaneous and go on a random day trip.


The first stop was for food, we went to a place that I’d seen on another blog before called “Snooze an AM Eatery.” ¬†I completely forgot to take pictures, and honestly I’m not super upset by that. ¬†I found a hair in my burrito, which was a major bummer. ¬†At this point I don’t even remember how it tasted and it just grosses me out to think about it. ¬†Dave reports that his was tasty, but really heavy. ¬† As I’m sure you could have guessed we won’t be going back.

We wanted to pick up a donut before we headed to our destination, but the donut bar was sold out! ¬†They were super nice and gave us a coupon for a free donut so we’ll totally be back. ¬†I hear their donuts are off the hook! ¬†Then we off to explore the area¬†near the San Diego zoo called “Balboa park,” and I’m soooooo glad we did (at first I wanted to go to the zoo because I love how amazing and progressive the San Diego zoo is, but we were just there a little while ago so Dave convinced me otherwise). ¬†The first spot we scoped out was called the “Spanish Village Art Center,” and it was super beautiful.


The ground is painted in this cool way, and it’s surrounded by cute little art shops. ¬†I don’t know why, but I never feel grown up enough to go into art shops. ¬†Maybe one day ūüėõ

I can see why San Diego would be the place to be if you were an artist. ¬†Dave was telling me that his uncle Jeff’s mom sold her art in this village.


After exploring the art village we decided to check out more of the park. ¬†I can’t even describe how cool it is, there is so much to see. ¬†Some of the places¬†you have to pay to get into (like the natural history museum), but a lot of the stuff is free. ¬†There was this really neat botanical building. ¬†I’ll start with a picture of the outside, which reminded me of Jurassic Park.


This picture doesn’t do the size of it justice. ¬†It felt like I was transported back in time, because you really don’t see buildings like this made of wood anymore. ¬†Inside the ceiling felt so massive, and beautiful!IMG_2485.jpg

It’s been amazing being able to explore a completely different kind of nature and climate than the one I’ve been used to my whole life. ¬†The PNW is full of evergreens, pine trees, and moss is everywhere; down here it’s more tropical with (obviously) palm trees everywhere.


The smells in this building were amazing!

I wish I would have snagged a few more shots of the area surrounding all the different buildings.  You can tell that the landscape is really well taken care of, and there were a ton of people there so it seemed like a really popular spot.


Some of the architecture reminded me of Spain, it was  just so beautiful!



And some was scary! (San Diego doing it’s part by not having water coming out the mouth, or having their water fountains active, bonus points for water conservation).


I can’t get enough of Spanish tiles, I want it in my house!


Dave and his elephant friend!


After we had explored all the free stuff we decided to pick a museum to check out, we settled on the natural history museum because it looked amazing on the outside and the inside didn’t disappoint.


All in all it was a really fun day of exploration! ¬†San Diego has always been this city that my heart has longed for, but I’ve never really spent an extensive amount of time there. ¬†Now we have to go back, I mean we have a coupon for a free donut!!!!! ¬†Hope you have an adventure this weekend.

Be well!


Girl’s Weekend…Errr Actually Jill’s Weekend

This weekend was the #2ndgirlsweekendpalmsprings (longest hashtag ever…we couldn’t figure our shit out), and it was simply the best!


Abby was having a really good time ūüėČ ¬†I laughed so hard¬†this weekend, if I had slightly worse bladder control, I would have peed myself multiple¬†times.


Jill has been such a good friend, and when I decided I wanted to post about this weekend it reminded me that I didn’t do a post on her visit back in October. ¬†My OCD just won’t allow that…

In October these two lovely ladies came to see me and it was everything!


We started our weekend off the right way….with donuts, and it’s safe to say that Ilee was happy!


Then Charlie needed a cuddle.


After Charlie was sufficiently cuddled we headed to the pool.


The next day we took the ladies down to the Los Rios Historic District of San Juan Capistrano.  One of my favorite areas!  When we first moved down here I spent so much time at Hidden House Coffee shop.


Ilee is sooooo adorable!


Dave and I got such a kick out of her.

DSC_0031.JPGAfter exploring the area, we headed to San Clemente for some Pizza Port, beer+pizza=THE BEST!


Then it was time for the beach. ¬†I think Dave really loves taking friends and family to San Onofre because it means so much to him. ¬†It’s where his dad taught him to surf, and he has so many fond memories.


I love surf culture, I haven’t met a mean surfer.


Ilee fell asleep before we even got there, look at this little bean!


Jill and I jumped in to boogie board while Dave watched over a sleeping Ilee.

When she woke up we took advantage of her excitement and had ourselves a pretty good time.


Alright, maybe I was the one who was extremely excited (if you couldn’t tell by that face)!



I mean, look at this face.



Such a good time at the beach with a few of my favorites! ¬†I’m so glad I’ve gotten to share so many special moments at this beach with Dave and friends!


The next day was their last day ūüė¶ but we were able to grab brunch and walk around Newport Beach before they headed out. ¬†When we were about to leave I caught Dave and Ilee swapping stories….pretty adorable!


I love these girls, and I’m so glad that they came down to visit!!!! ¬†I can’t wait until the next visit (…Disneyland???)

Love you Jill & Ilee!

Be well.



Sentence Per Picture (Disneyland Style)

The first time I came to Disneyland was in 1995, and I just love that certain aspects of Disney stay the same.


Both days we constantly found ourselves discussing the tremendous thought and creativity that goes into their ability to overlap new decor onto the original rides/decorations.  


The last time we visited the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was closed for refurbishment. ¬†It’s always such a disappointment when a ride is closed (this time it was pirates), but I have to admit the new additions to the Railroad ride were perfect!


This little guy had a good time too!


We got stuck at this point on the Haunted Mansion, and we had some intimate chats with Jack.

NO INDIANA JONES!!!!!!!! Best.Ride.Ever.


I know that the whole Diamond Disney is just another way for them to sell stuff around the park, but honestly it looked really cool.


Watch out Disneyland, you got some real thugs on Splash Mountain!


I’ve decided rollercoasters are the great equalizer, perhaps we should put presidential candidates on a roller coaster together and then as they debate just have a slide show of the pics on projector behind them.


Turns out I’m a thrilling kisser!


I love that it was lit up at night!!


What an amazing couple of days! ¬†I’m so excited that this place is a 20 minute drive away!

Be well.

Slab city

Back in April (woah that’s forever ago), we came to Palm Springs with my parents and did some exploring around the area. ¬†It was a ton of fun, and I snapped some pretty cool pictures of a place our friend told us to visit called “Salvation Mountain.”


The gentleman who made the installation recently passed away (sometime in 2014), but they have continued to preserve it because of it’s magnitude and beauty. ¬†Although we thought the area under construction looked questionably empty…


It was crazy to learn that the entire thing was made of adobe, straw, and gallons of paint. ¬†The gentleman who made it, Leonard Knight, definitely had some visions. ¬†I’ll let you decide of what nature.


DSC_0295.JPGIt was fun to walk around and see all the work he put into it, the thing is massive!  You could even go up to the top and look out at the desert.
DSC_0284DSC_0282 DSC_0281



It’s hard to know what is Knight’s work at this point, because in 2011 he was placed in a long term care facility with dementia. ¬†In 2012 was when the public really began assisting in it’s maintenance.


What a beautiful legacy to leave. ¬†It’s located at the entrance of slab city, in Imperial, CA check it out if you have a chance. ¬†It’s very close to the Salton Sea, which sounds like a body of water that you never want to swim in. ¬†

Be well. 

New adventures

Well, you know it’s been awhile when you go to type in your web address and it doesn’t automatically fill in with ‘theartofrunningintherain.’ ¬†I’m just hoping I still remember how to do this….oh yes, I type about my life (running, injuries, clothing, etc.) and tell myself that you all are very interested in what I’m doing ;P

A lot has changed for the Paolone-Webb clan; we are now officially California residents, I’m three shades darker, and I’ve purchased lattes from far fewer coffee shops (don’t get me wrong this isn’t financial restraint, this is purely because nothing compares to Herkimer and Voxx….just saying those names makes me miss their creamy delicious soy lattes). ¬†Not to fret, one of the Herkimer dudes told me I can order online, and Dave makes a pretty mean latte. ¬†In fact, funny diddy, that same guy said, “I don’t think it’s coffee you’ll have to worry about in Cali, I think it’s water.” ¬†I responded to that with, “Let’s consider two things here, firstly I’ve been living on an island in Washington that has had poop in their water for the last 1.5 years, secondly, Washington is in a draught as well and yet the calves of my pants are soaked for over half the year, so let’s not throw stones when our house is made of beautiful, foresty, yummy coffee filled, PNW love.” ¬†It’s hard to say anything negative about the Northwest, I mean, it’s my home base (yeah, I also joined a softball team so I use terms like home base now). ¬†Well, I guess Canada is my true home, but I digress.

Yesterday my cousin asked how I was liking California (Orange County to be exact), and my response was this, “I’m very happy, I mean you know I have some critiques for California, but I’m also enjoying it quite a bit.” ¬†After saying that I thought a great return post would be to share some of my favorites and some of my not favorites (there really could be a better word for that) of my new home. ¬†So here goes…..


Sprouts Farmers Market


I was so worried to leave Seattle and all it’s granola goodness, to not have a place like PCC. ¬†Places like this can be over priced, but this one is actually pretty good price-wise and you can tell they love the environment and have lot’s of organic and meat free options. ¬†On that note, is it weird that I felt judged for being a pescatarian when living in Seattle? But down here, where there actually are less of us, I don’t feel judged? ¬†Maybe the sunshine really does make people happy. ¬†On to my next favorite….


The Sun


Seriously it’s shining all the time (well except in the morning which is the best time to get any vigorous outdoor activity done (e.g., running), but then every other time of the day is great for the pool. ¬†I’m very excited to get to know the climate and can only hope for year round relative sunshinyness.


Lack of recycling.


It’s crazy because I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how California is very into recycling, they must be speaking of the Northern half or perchance SanDiego, because not so much in LA or the OC. ¬†It would appear that very few have compost. ¬†We have a recycle bin at our apt complex, but wayyyyy too often I see cardboard boxes, aluminum cans, etc. in the garbage!!! GAHHHHH It kills me, I want to dive in and save our world. ¬†My thought is this: If you’re worried about the fact that the earth isn’t giving you enough water, then why the F@&# aren’t you taking care of your earth???????? But don’t worry, I’ll spread the word. ¬†I actually prefer to be one of few, it makes me feel more powerful when change occurs ūüôā




I have to yell this one because the produce native to California is da’bomb! ¬†Seriously, avocado, figs, grapefruit, oh my! Omnomnomnom #ALLthefigs



All I can say is that I miss seeing my PNW friends with the frequency with which we were afforded when I lived in Sea-town. ¬†But hey, “it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.”

Well there’s definitely more to say, but I’ll leave it there for now. ¬†Oh wait, I wanted to tell you that I do plan on updating my capsule wardrobe to be more appropriate for the climate; I’ll keep you posted and I’ll definitely post some outfits.

Be well.

#FLashBackFriday … to about 4 weeks ago … SoCal

-Emily got us these beauties from Las Vegas; however we didn’t technically ingest them until SoCal, so I counted them as part of the Cali portion. ¬†Now I’m not going to lie, when it comes to the sweet pastries, I’m a donut person all the way (as you’ll see later in this post), but these cupcakes were AMAZing!!!


-Soaking up as much sunshine as possible


-This is the ACTUAL #FBF portion of this post.  I think we spent two or three nights watching old family movies.  Sorry for the crappy photo quality, but talk about guilty pleasures, watching old movies of yourself as a child!!! AMIRIGHT??

TBTfamily movies.jpg
Left: Myself. Right: My cousin Kate, myself, my uncle Neil, and my cousin Jenna

-Then it was my birthday, I went for a run in the morning and my watch surprised me, thanks polar ;P


-I’m telling you, I. can’t. get. enough.


-Birthday Beach Day!! Huntington to Laguna and a couple stops on the way.  Wish I would have snagged a picture at dinner which was with a couple of my favorite Californians, Gianny & Kimmy!!

Beach day.jpg

-It was time to head to Spokane for Blooms day and these guys:


-I felt proud of my splits


-So we celebrated with donuts on the way back to Seattle


Pretty amazing spring break! ¬†Still missing it in a massive way, but reminiscing felt pretty awesome ūüôā

Be well.

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