The Art of Running in the Rain

"To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift." -Prefontaine



Coco is here!!

I started feeling mild contraction on April 2nd at about 3:30pm while my mom and I were getting pedicures. It was so different from Mira’s birth (my water broke first during hers) so I was confused if it was really going down or not. Dave and I decided to grab a bite to eat and walk around capitol hill while my mom went and got Mira from school.


I think it was around 5:30pm when we thought we might as well go to the hospital and see if we could be admitted. Things were still very mild at this point and somewhat inconsistent, but I could tell it was headed in the direction of labor.

We went to triage and they took some measurements and sent us away. Told me things needed to be further along for them to admit us so I should walk around the hill a bit more. We came back around 9pm and they took more measurements, unfortunately things hadn’t progressed very far so they admitted us under the pretense that we would be planning on helping things along. Mild contractions continued until about 11pm, but nothing really intense, so we decided to break my water. At around 12am contractions went from a 2 on the pain scale to about a 10 and I tried for about an hour and a half to find my rhythm, but damn it hurt. It was at about 1:15am that I decided I needed an epidural and it was an hour more until I was ready to push! I remember looking at the clock and thinking to myself I couldn’t have handled that pain for another hour and I was so happy I got the epidural.

It’s funny though because in my labor with Mira the hard part was the 7 hours of contractions, and the pushing was the relatively easy part. During this labor, once the epidural kicked in the contractions went pretty easy, but pushing was SO difficult. I had a really great team working with me and Dave is the best support a person could ask for. I call him Doula Dave. Once we found the perfect combo of doing a pull up squat + using a mirror for motivation she came pretty swiftly.

It was 4:42am when Colette Margaret Paolone-Webb made it into this world.


Our stay at Swedish was the same as the last time, awesome! It’s a great hospital and have wonderful amenities.


The only thing that we forgot about the first time was how many people are in and out of your room at ALL times. Just when you think you can sleep (because your baby is sleeping) some professional comes in and needs to do something to you or your baby. Luckily there were some nurses that acknowledged this and would let us sleep a little longer before running any tests.

The highlight of Swedish is their room service. Damn those breakfast burritos! So good!


My mom came by with Mira the day after Coco was born and seeing her meet Coco was pretty much the greatest moment (next to my wedding day) of my life. She’s so in love with her.


We are so happy to finally have our littlest little home with us!


Be well ❤

Advent of Activities Part II – 2018

Is everyone else still feeling the post Christmas glow????? Dave and I got some alone time together and it was so wonderful and relaxing. I feel like we are definitely able to make deposits into our relationship regularly even with Mira around (I mean what’s better than seeing her do something cute and looking over at your partner and seeing them gush too), but it is always amazing when we get to spend time just the two of us.

We had a great holiday and were able to spend it with family and friends. I’m definitely sad it’s over, but I’m very much looking forward to next year. My cousin and I were chatting about how if Mira’s love for Santa, Jingle Bells, and Rudolph this year are any indication of how she’s going to feel next year then it will be off the hook!! She has a dance for ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ and she sings bits and pieces (‘ho ho ho’ and ‘hooray’).

I wanted to check in and share with you guys the second half of our advent of activities. We left off with the 13th (coffee date with mama and papa) and I have to say that one was so relaxing and it felt nice to make something that we do regularly into a special holiday event. Next up…

December 14th – Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton. These were something else! So much detail, the pictures don’t even do it justice!

December 15th – Make Christmas Crafts with friends. I have to just laugh about this one, because Mira was NOT into making crafts. We were going to put paint footprints on mugs and she was screaming not happy. This was literally all she wanted to paint. So I cooked the plate and now we will have it as a memory forever hahahaha. This kind of thing is so easy for me to let go of, it made me sad at first that she didn’t want to do it, but then I thought ‘hey we are spending time with friends, and at least she’s communicating to me what she wants/doesn’t want.’ So I think this day was more about time with friends than anything else.


December 16th – Seattle City Center for the Christmas Village. We ended up seeing a few things when we went down there…ice sculptures, fire dancers, ice skaters, and the Christmas village. Here’s a little then and now comparison for you.


December 17th – Decorate Christmas gifts. Mira was definitely in the mood to do a liiiitttle arts/crafts. I may have helped her a little bit, and there was a slight power struggle in the beginning. All’s well that ends well.


December 18th – My parents arrived this day so our advent activity was to snuggle Nonna and Nonno. Well, not really, but it definitely was Mira’s highlight of the day. Our activity was to go look at Christmas lights, there were a lot of “Santa, Wow, Balls, Reindeer” coming from the back seat.


December 19th – Seattle’s Enchanted Christmas. They definitely did a great job with the lights, and Mira had an amazing time running all around. I liked that they made it into a maze and you were suppose to try and find all the gigantic reindeer.

IMG_8238_2.jpgDecember 20th – Another Christmas treat for yours truly.


December 21st – Bake cookies. This was done while Mira was at school and my family and I packed up to head out of town for the weekend. These balls are now a yearly tradition, and man are they amazing!


December 22nd – Sleigh Ride. Definitely one of my favorite activities. We were in Leavenworth (which was a mad house of people), and we drove out a little ways to do a sleigh ride at Eagle Creek. They were so nice and the ride was awesome! Mira wanted to sing the whole time.


December 23rd – Zoo lights. This one has been a favorite of ours.

IMG_8335.JPGDecember 24th – Christmas EVE!!!!! Our advent was to open our matching pajamas and watch a Christmas movie. Outside of Moana this was Mira’s second time with TV. She was honestly more interested in playing with her Zio’s key board, but on occasion she would look up at Frosty and sing/dance to the music. Another tradition we have on the 24th is to have the feast of seven fishes. This year it was the feast of three fishes and man were we stuffed after just three.

IMG_8372.JPGDecember 25th – Open presents on Christmas morning. Mira was a bit overwhelmed by the gifts and opening took a while because she wanted to stop and play with/explore each one, which made us super happy because we knew she loved them. Another activity we’ve been doing each year after dinner on Christmas day is to go for a walk around the neighborhood looking at the lights nearby, that one is becoming a favorite.

IMG_8087.jpgIt was a great holiday season, full of so many fun activities. I know that some of these will become regulars in our ‘advent of activities’ and others were definitely just a fun experience this year and won’t be repeated.

I think my favorite part about the advent is getting out in our city and seeing all the things Seattle has to offer. I’m reminded of the ‘Happier Podcast’ by Gretchen Rubin in an episode where she talks about an image she saw in the New York subway. The sign had a box of Chinese take out and a rented movie (I think Netflix would be more relevant now) and below it said ‘why even live in New York?’ When I don’t feel like getting out and exploring I remind myself of that image and think, ‘why am I living in Seattle if I’m not taking advantage of all that it has?’

Hope you all are enjoying this time between Christmas and New Years as much as we are!

Be well.



Mira is 18 Months!

As of December 16th Mirabella is officially 18 months!

unnamed.jpgShe is in love with all things musical! She enjoys singing, dancing, and playing her instruments. She asks for “How far I’ll Go” from Moana on the daily and I have to confess that might just be my fault. The reason is two fold: 1.) Ever since that movie came out I have dreamed of the day that I would have a child who wanted to listen to that song on repeat (I am a ‘listen to songs on repeat’ kind of gal, judge as you will). 2.) The last time Mira had the flu there were very few things that made her happy so we watched Moana together. There’s definitely some mom guilt that I feel, but she barely watched and seeing her light up during her song was everything.

This girl is so much fun! She loves running around, and if she can have a solid hour or two a day of walking/running she is the happiest girl in the world. Being pregnant has made this slightly difficult, but the only thing I really feel incapable of at this point is holding her for long stretches, luckily she doesn’t really want that anyways.

IMG_7890In the last 6 months Mira has had quite a few firsts and a ton of seconds (I kind of feel the seconds have been more fun, but maybe that’s because I feel like things just keep getting more and more cool). She experienced her first trip to Disneyland, which was extremely fun!

IMG_7719.jpgMira met a few new friends (and she absolutely loves babies – she gets a little iffy when I’m holding them, so we may have some areas of growth when our second comes along, but then again don’t we all have areas to grow in?). This last month Mira started a new school, and she is in love with her teachers and rushes to the door in the morning saying “bye bye, later” because she’s ready to go.

unnamed (1).jpgMira has always been fairly autonomous, basically from birth, and that time helped me give her the space she needed to flourish into the amazing human being that she is becoming. It also makes me relish the times that she wants a snuggle, hug, or kiss. I always think that she’s giving me a gift because I will be rather prepared for the time when she needs space because of teenage angst. Her papa and I have definitely been loving the times when she wants to be close.


I’m a firm believer that all children are different and parenting is not a one-size-fits all kind of thing, it’s why you’ll never find me giving advise to anyone (I’m always willing to share what I’ve experienced though), and Mira has always been a girl that seems to prefer space to work through things. Often when she wakes up sad she needs a few moments on her own sometimes to cry a little and calm herself, holding her seems to make it escalate more. It would be really easy to try to force her to be a certain way, but that wouldn’t give either of us joy and what I really want her to know is that I love and respect her as she is and I’m here to help her grow into who she wants and is meant to become. That being said, in these last six months we’ve had a number of wonderful quiet moments together, and I have really relished those.


In the last six months Mira has experienced her second Halloween, which if you recall…last year wasn’t her fave…

IMG_4705.JPGThis year she had a blast. She really liked running around our friends’ neighborhood, and I could tell she felt a lot of pride when someone handed her a treat.


You all know how I feel about sharing milestones (I have them written down so that if Mira needs access to them at some point or if we need to reference them for medical purposes we have them at our hands), but I will share that this girl is talking up a storm! She’s using a few two-three word phrases, has soo many words, and imitates EVERYTHING! It is soooo much fun, and it’s making me realize I swear a LOT less than I thought I did.

IMG_E8086.JPGI love this little bean so much! I’m so extremely excited for her to become a big sister, she talks about her baby ALL the time and gives my belly kisses (sometimes body slams too, but I know she means well). The next time I’ll be sharing an update Mira will have a little sister, I’ll let you know how things go.

Be well.

Advent of Activities Part I – 2018

Ever since Mira was born I’ve been on a kick for family traditions. I received an e-mail from the PEPs foundation discussing the importance of traditions and recommending this book. After reading through it I was hooked on the idea of creating as many traditions with my family as possible.

Last year I started our “Advent of Activities” and even with a six month old it was a blast, so it has stuck. The nice thing about this type of advent calendar is that the prep work is moderate up front but then the rest is cake. In early-mid November I spend about two-three hours researching events and activities happening in Seattle during the holiday season and I enter them into my google calendar. Once I’ve got the timing worked out (e.g., dates of activities/events and our schedule) I write them down on little pieces of paper and put them in our advent calendar.


One of the pictures from last year (we went to the Seattle Center to see the little village and decorations).


I decided I’m going to go over the first half of our advent calendar with you guys and then follow up with the second half in an upcoming post.

December 1st – West Seattle Christmas Tree Lighting. Unfortunately I couldn’t be here for this one, but Dave and Mira attended without me and had a blast.


December 2nd – Coffee Shop Date With Papa.


December 3rd – Christmas Ornament. Mira loves Moana so we hung a new ornament on the tree.


December 4th – Christmas Stocking. Mira was super excited to see her stocking for the first time.


December 5th – Christmas Treat. This one was more for me because Dave was on a sugar strike and Mira doesn’t really eat sugar.


December 6th – Treat With Mama. Mira and I went to Bakery Nouveau and enjoyed a yummy and entertaining date.


December 7th – Christmas Carolers in Westlake Center. This one has been my favorite so far. Mira loves music and she was sooooo into all the singers. Everyone did such a great job.


December 8th – Greenlake Pathway of Lights. Unfortunately this event was a bit of a let down. It was nice to be able to take Oliver with us, but it was so crowded I thought Oli was going to get trampled. Although, It was amazing to see a hot air balloon in the middle of Seattle.


December 9th – Cookie Decorating. Mira enjoyed a frosting-less cookie (**Me: Mira doesn’t eat sugar. Also me: Here, have this cookie Mira**), but I enjoyed the cookie decorating. It was my first time making royal icing and I was pretty proud.


December 10th – Christmas Socks. Mira and I went to pick out socks, we had a conference and decided that because her and I already had enough socks, and Dave was in need of socks, we would donate our pairs to him. It was really cute when I asked her “Should we just get papa a bunch of socks?” and she shook her head ‘yeah.’ Already so thoughtful.


December 11th – Walk With Mama. Sometimes when it’s cold out we can forget to enjoy the outdoors, so I like a good reminder to get outside.

December 12th – Bellevue Garden D’lights. This was absolutely beautiful! I’m sharing two pictures because not only were the lights awesome, but the gingerbread display gave me serious cookie decorating envy!



December 13th – Coffee Shop Date With Mama & Papa.


It’s been so much fun so far and I can’t even wait for some of the events that are to come.

Oh, and in case you were wondering just how deep the Moana love is…(don’t judge my attempts at singing this song…I think my voice is a little tired from belting it out).


Merry Christmas!!!!

Be well.

Mira’s First Trip To Disneyland

Well in the bittersweet way that life often happens we found ourselves in Southern California last week when Dave’s grandma passed away. We spent the majority of time in Los Angelos, but we made our way down to Orange County on a couple of occasions, one of those occasions being Disneyland. I’m going to write a more detailed post about some of my favorite places in southern California (I’ve been meaning to do that since we lived down there), but for now let me tell you about our trip to Disneyland, or as I like to refer to it, Mira’s first trip to Disneyland. I was slightly apprehensive to go to Disneyland with a child under 5, but that was before I found myself 40 minutes away from Disneyland. That. Changed. Everything.

Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at 9.06.28 AM

Some of you may have agreed with my initial sentiment (especially those of you who have knowledge of child development….man, the skill set they expect you to have at Disneyland….patience, delayed gratification, etc….I know adults that don’t have that shit), but Mirabella had one of the best days of her life. I’m not even talking about how excited/happy she was, I’m talking about minimal-upset, falling asleep on dad, riding five rides and not being afraid of any (even the witch on Snow White, who was my dad’s biggest fear for a large part of his childhood).


So now I’m of the mindset that it really depends on the child, I even think you could have an infant that would be good to go in Disneyland (as long as you have someone to watch them while you ride ALL the rides). One of my all time favorite rides is Pirates of the Caribbean, and this time the ride was even better! Mira spent the entire ride laying on me half asleep (she NEVER does that), it was just really amazing!


My mom came down with us to Cali to help with watching Mira while I worked and Dave was occupied. It was nice having her with us and I know it made Mira happy. Flying with Mira is definitely a joint effort at this point, so it was nice to have her with us on the flight down when Dave was already in LA.


One of my favorite parts about Disneyland are the treats and we tried a few new ones this time. I was ALL about the slushies, this was actually my second of the day (the first one I didn’t snap a pic of, but it was orange-lemonade and it was delicious).


My mom tried the grey stuff, and apparently the dishes were correct, it’s delicious.


Here’s a list of all the other things we had that I didn’t snap a picture of: Frito Pie (this is an off menu item that you can ask for at the refreshment corner – Dave reports it’s delicious), Clam Chowder Bread Bowl (I may have ate mine and Daves), Mickey Macaroons (OMG, so delicious), Jack Skellington Cake Pop (not my fav – too much white chocolate), and as always Pooh Sandwich (I think they renamed it Mickey Sandwich, but I’ll always know it as the Pooh Sandwich) – old picture for memories.


I’d say Mira’s absolute favorite part of Disneyland was the characters, but it was perfect because she’s not at an age where she could say “I want to wait in line an hour to get their signature.” It was more of a, if we saw them we saw them, if not then who cares. When she saw Pooh she was in heaven, the funny part is it was really her first time seeing Winnie the Pooh (we didn’t even get to ride the ride because it was closed), she just really has an intense love of visually stimulating stuffed animals (aka ELNO!!!).


I’m not going to lie to you, there was a lot of apprehension about taking our 16-month-old to Disneyland, and while I’m not saying it’s something everyone should do, I do think that it really depends on your child. Mira had a great time, and I have no ragrats!


I’m excited for the time that we can go to Disney and Mira can form full sentences to tell us about what she’s seeing and how she feels about it!!!

Be well.

Addams Family Themed Halloween Costume

IMG_7838.jpgThis is our first year doing a family themed costume and we had so much fun that it is going to become a tradition! I don’t quite remember what got us thinking about this costume theme; however, it was definitely the Wednesday braids that confirmed our choice.


There was definitely NO DIY with this costume or any of the costumes in our theme this year (maybe for future costumes); however, with clever scouring of our closets we were able to assemble most of the costumes with items we already owned. Here’s a list of items we needed to purchase for Wednesday’s costume:

  • Black crochet braids – Mira’s pretty good about keeping things on her head, but I also think that the fact that it is essentially a hat made it a lot easier to keep it on her head at most points in the evening.
  • Black and white dress – This dress is made of such a comfy material, it was easy to get on and she seemed comfortable all evening.

Things we already had:

  • Black tights
  • Black shoes – we used her cons, and I mean, who can resist a toddler in converse


We were originally going to be in Seattle for Halloween, so Dave would have felt a little more comfortable temperature wise in a full suit; however, we were in southern California so he got pretty hot early on. Here’s the list of items we purchased for Gomez Addams:

  • Fake hand – I regret not bringing our velcro strips to attach the hand to his suit, but aw well, Mira had fun carrying it at times.
  • Hair dye – Dave reports that this stuff made him super warm! Although, we thought it looked perfect and was really easy to wash out. Maybe the warmth would have been welcomed in the PNW.

Things we already had on hand:

  • Black suit
  • Tie
  • Black shoes

IMG_0792Failed at getting pictures of my costume, but this one was towards the end of the evening when I had changed shoes. Originally I was wearing heals, but clearly I am no longer at the point in my life when heels on halloween work for me. I made it to the end of the block before switching to mules. We didn’t need to purchase anything for my costume, here’s what we used that we had on hand:

  • Black velvet dress – This was the bridesmaids dress I wore for my cousin’s wedding. Ironically I was as far along in Mira’s pregnancy as I am in this pregnancy now.
  • Black heels – These heels are so old AND from target, it may be time for me to get a new pair of tried and true black heels.
  • Crucifix necklace – This was my nonna’s.
  • White face paint – I couldn’t find the exact one I used, but the bottle looked very similar to this one.
  • Black lip stick

I will add that if we would have been in the PNW for Halloween I probably would have purchased a black fur coat, so it ended up working out great for my costume that we were in the warmth!


It made me happy that there were very few ‘one time use’ items that we had to purchase. I’m already thinking of what costume Mira will be when we use her dress on baby number two in a couple years 🙂



It was so much fun putting together our theme this year and it got me pumped for what we are going to do in the future. Stay tuned for future themes. Hope you had a great Halloween!

Be well

Let Me Tell You About The Period Of Purple Crying

This is a topic I’ve been meaning to write about since July 16th 2017. You may be wondering why I have such a specific date in mind, and that is because July 16th was the day that Mira entered her ‘Period of Purple Crying’ Of course, we were in denial about it for a good long while. It wasn’t until we were out of it that we really determined what we had experienced. Before I talk about this really difficult experience and a hard thing that my baby girl, her dad and myself had to go through, let me share a couple REALLY cute photos of her…

DSC_0039.JPGNow the reason I chose this photo is intentional. It’s because in Mira’s 15 months of life I can count on one hand the amount of times she has fallen asleep on me without crying, for some extended period of time, beforehand. This moment was beautiful, she was tired, she fell asleep, and that was it.  I definitely savored the three times it happened.


But I digress, because although I believe sleep (without intense crying) is harder for a purple baby, that’s just my own experience speaking not scientific fact. And after months of sleep training Mira is an AMAZING sleeper (on her own, in the dark, with a noise machine)

Alright, back to the topic at hand. First off I want to explain what the ‘Period of Purple Crying’ is. Previously the term ‘colic’ has been used to describe many babies that go through this period; however, there is now a shift because ‘colic’ can lead people to believe something is ‘wrong’ with the baby or that there is an ‘illness’ present. Often medicine is prescribed to ‘colic’ babies and that creates this cycle of thinking ‘something is wrong.’

The ‘Period of Purple Crying’ can starts around 2 weeks of age and can last until 3-4 months. The characteristics of this period are described by the acronym “PURPLE.”

P: Peak of Crying – your baby may cry more and more each week peaking at 2 months and getting better over the next 3-4 months.

U: Unexpected – crying can come and go and you don’t know why.

R: Resists Soothing – no MATTER what you try.

P: Pain-like face – may make a face that looks like in pain when in fact they are not.

L: Long lasting – crying can last up to 5 hours a day or more.

E: Evening – your baby may cry more in the late afternoon or evening.

I remember taking a class through Swedish and being told about “Purple crying” and I didn’t think very much about it, Dave and I even watched the short video that tried to describe what the experience feels like. Still nothing. I think it’s because you want to believe that when your baby arrives you’ll be able to handle the crying and that there will be things that you can do about it. For some babies this is definitely the case, and for others there is no amount of soothing that can help.


The problem with believing that there is something you can do (remember the acronym, 5 or more hours a day, nothing you do will console them) is that you are caught in a cycle of thinking ‘what am I doing wrong?’ I also remember feeling trapped because the crying could come on anywhere at anytime. I couldn’t make it around greenlake for a walk with friends because at some point Mira would start screaming and would scream all the way home.

I often hear from people, ‘I would just let them cry,’ and I would say that I was right there with you, PRIOR to having Mira. There is a reason people don’t want to sit on an airplane next to a crying baby. It is torture. Couple that with the fact that this is YOUR human that you are suppose to be able to soothe and comfort. It is unlike anything else.

I want to jump back to the term ‘colic’ again, because I think it’s important to talk about the things we tried when we thought ‘something was wrong.’ At the one month appointment we were told that we could try probiotics to help her build healthy gastrointestinal functioning (which is often thought to be the ailment that plagues colic babies). We were vigilant to no avail, we still give her probiotics frequently. At the two month appointment we were told it might be reflux (another problem source for colic babies); however, 1.5 weeks into that medication Mira began throwing up every time we gave it to her and there was no change in her level of crying. It was at that point where the doctor really talked to us about this period that we might be going through.


Dave and I reflect back on things like our PEPs group meetings and how even being a part of a parenting group felt isolating because it felt like no one could relate to what we were experiencing. I have some very empathetic friends, and I do believe they have heard me and care about us. But prior to having Mira I NEVER would have understood, I would have thought, ‘well maybe there’s something your not trying’ or ‘are you kidding? there are so many people DYING to have a baby and you’re complaining that yours cries!?’ Now that I’ve lived it I know it’s not complaining, it’s about surviving, so you can be okay and you can TRY and help your baby be okay. It was also hard interacting with other parents because it felt like we got a lot of judgement when we would share our experience and we didn’t know if they had a baby that didn’t go through that period, they weren’t being honest about how hard it was, or they just didn’t even realize that they were in that period. Everyone copes with things differently.

I often find in life that leading up to something I dread doing it, even if it’s something excited, I’d rather stay in the comfort (or discomfort) of my current state and not move. For example, when Mira was 3 months old (in the thick of her crying – I should say hers went from 4 weeks – 4.5 months) my good friend invited me for a baby sleep over (she had just had her baby too). For the whole day leading up I was slightly dreading it, not because I don’t love my friend, but because Mira had cried a LOT that day and I wasn’t sure I could make it (mentally). In fact, on the drive over I nearly lost it, I made this video.

I share this video with you for three reasons, because 1.) I’m a very transparent person, I think we should share the good, the bad and the ugly with people, even on social media. In fact I think if we did we would be more united and less competitive (especially women) with eachother. 2.) This is what I sound like when I’m running on very little sleep, with a baby that cries hours and hours daily and I’m just trying to cope 3.) The last part of the video is my favorite, because no matter how frustrated a parent is, if they think something is wrong with their baby they will bust an illegal u turn on 25th by the IMA to check and make sure their baby is okay.

I made it over to my friends house that night, and Mira had one of the best sleeps she had had in her 3 months of life. I woke up and had a cup of coffee and then my friend and I walked to a nearby restaurant. It was such a lovely time.


One of the things that they say about purple crying, is that the word period is used for a reason, because it has an end! When you’re in the thick of it you feel like you won’t survive, but it will be over. Unfortunately I do have some PTSD. I find that the first minute of Mira’s cry now does make my heart start pounding and I find that I have to take a few deep breaths to really calm down. Sometimes that doesn’t help, and I turn to Dave and say ‘pizza time’ (our code word for when we need the other person to take over entirely, no questions asked), and that’s the only thing that helps.

I do remember when it ended though, it was quite monumental. We had planned a trip down to California to introduce Mira to quite a bit of Dave’s family and to enjoy Thanksgiving in a warm place. The trip began with Mira falling asleep on the plane while we carried her (without crying beforehand), it was a shock to both of us.

IMG_4821.jpgOf course we didn’t fully believe we were out of the woods until around Christmas time. I think that’s when it became clear that the period had past and it truly sunk in that more of the day was happy and less was spent crying.


I’m going to tell you some things that helped me get through this period of purple crying. You all know my feelings on unsolicited advice, so know that I’m not giving advice to any moms out there, just telling you what worked for me. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF when you can. For me taking care of myself looked like eating healthy, exercising and taking breaks (and we are talking 100% away breaks) from baby. During the period of purple crying I couldn’t take Mira to the YMCA childcare because they would come and get me during my workout saying she was inconsolably crying and it was traumatizing (plus I knew I’d be going home and she would be inconsolably crying for me). What I was able to do was utilize the nanny we had for when I was working to get workouts in as well as when dave was home, force myself to go out for those runs or open the Jillian app. It’s helpful that Dave and I love to cook because it motivated us to focus on healthy recipes with whole foods, but there are so many useful options out there now (blue apron, hello fresh, etc.) that can really help you get those healthy foods into your life easily. Lastly, complete breaks away from baby were sooo essential for me, over thanksgiving break Dave took Mira a couple times to visit his family while I went to the spa and Disneyland with my family and those were awesome. There were definitely other breaks both by myself and with friends/family, but those ones in Southern California were so great that they stick out in my mind.  I think the time apart makes the time together even sweeter. I definitely feel that aside from my slight PTSD I have healed from this difficult period, but I will never forget this tough time that we all went through together and that’s okay, because “happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the lights” (Albus Dumbledore).


One of the things that I think about is if this has any long term implications for our little boo boo. I haven’t read a lot of information on this, but I’ve heard anecdotally that anxiety may be a difficulty for babies who had really difficult periods of purple crying. Currently she does not show any signs of anxiety; however, I will definitely be on the look out for indications of an underlying complication that may impact her ability to enjoy life to the fullest. I know some really kick ass early interventionists that, should this be the case, can help her out (prevention over rehabilitation). For now I’m just going to enjoy my beautiful, funny, social, spicy, amazing daughter and all the wonder that she brings to our lives.

If you have any questions about (what I know of) the ‘period of purple crying,’ my experience during this time, or specific things that transpired for us please feel free to ask.

Be well.


Mira is one!

Last Saturday miss Mirabella Emma turned 365 days old. It was funny, I woke up at 4:21am and thought to myself, ‘it was almost this time exactly last year that I was grabbing our little girl and putting her on my chest.’

This year has been a wild ride, and Mira you have taught me so much about myself and this world we live in. I’m working my way closer and closer to a growth mindset. Everyone in my world is pushing me to grow as a human and sometimes it is hard, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.


Mira celebrated her first birthday surrounded by some friends and with funfetti cake, and she was simply in heaven!


Since our last update Mira has had a few firsts:

-Visit to the zoo

-3 hour nap (it was glooooorious for both of us)

-Race day (Mira walked 7.6 miles during bloomsday with her aunt, uncle, and nonna)

-Extended trip from her papa

-Night away from mama

-Pee pee and poo poo in her potty (we’ve been doing some mild EC….before Mira came into the world I wanted to do it from the beginning, but it was all I could do to just survive those first 6 months with sad Mira. Now that she’s happier with life we feel like we can try it out a bit 🙂


When talking about Mira’s firsts I’ve been trying my best to steer clear of ‘developmental milestones’ because the only people that really need to be aware of them are Mira, Dave, myself and her pediatrician. I’ve observed some parents become really anxious/concerned when sitting around with others’ talking about whose kid is crawling/standing/walking/sitting up/eating this/eating that (and I was victim of the worry as well). Since that bout of worrying, specifically about crawling, I realized that it was all this talk and comparing that was holding me back from really enjoying who Mira was in that moment, regardless of what she could or could not do. Not to mention that it’s good to get out of the habit of verbally comparing her to anyone else, she doesn’t need to be hearing/doing that. I get that it can be hard though, especially if you’re having serious concerns about your child’s development, and in that case maybe sharing with other people is the best. I just feel that it was taking away from my life rather than adding to it (every child is different, and every parent is different as well….NO judgement).

IMG_6311.jpgI have to say that I am 100% thankful for my family, friends and this blog (oh, and my therapist) because they have all been a place for me to externalize the ups and downs of this last year. I feel grateful that I am able to share all this with the world, because it’s important that people see the good and the bad on social media (it’s not all flowers and sausages). Plus I just feel like when we experience the world as it is rather than trying to construct a world as we think it should be, we are able to heal and accept ourselves and others as they are.


**note the Oliver licking his junk in this photo**

Mira and Oliver have really been enjoying playing with each other, I believe if she could say it, dogs would be her favorite animal. She waves ‘hello’ to every dog we see. She has a specific utterance that sounds like ‘Oliver,’ it’s basically just the intonation, and it’s extremely cute!!!


I can’t even put into words how much happiness this little girl has brought into my world. Dave and I were extremely excited to meet our little girl when she was still inside me, but I have to admit that I was also very nervous. Nervous because my love for Dave is so deep/hard that I was concerned about how this third person would integrate into our family unit. Well I tell you what folks, this little girl has made me love Dave even more, and I feel like everyday I am just so looking forward to things we will be doing together.

This year Dave celebrated his first father’s day, and I celebrated my first mother’s day and it was everything we ever thought it could be. Dave’s mom was in town and we enjoyed a brunch out (complete with endless bloody marys).

IMG_E6405.JPG Mira’s face says all that needs to be said about endless bloody marys.

Mira’s been really into dancing lately so we’ve been really enjoying some daily dance parties.

It’s been an amazing year, and I’m so glad I could share it with you all and create this virtual memorabilia for Mira. Stay tuned for year two of Mira’s life, probably not with as frequent updates, but updates nonetheless.

Be well.

Summer, Bloomsday, Mother’s Day

Can you believe it’s already June?? Where did the time go?? I felt like just yesterday it was winter break! I’m really excited for this time of year though because I’m off work for the next couple months and Mira and I will get in some hard core hang outs! Before I go too far into our summer plans I want to recap a couple of important happenings that recently occurred in the Paolone-Webb family.

First, I’ll start with Bloomsday weekend. It’s a family tradition to do Bloomsday, in fact when I got my finishers postcard this year I saw that this was the 17th year I’ve done it and I felt a mixture of pride/where did the time go? It’s a great event, centered around getting out and doing something physical which makes it awesome in my book.

We started the weekend by grabbing lunch with my cousins who flew/drove in from Canada.


Always a good time with these ladies!

I spent the rest of the day with Dave and Mira, which was nice because we hadn’t seen Dave for a week! After the ladies got home from running errands and such we got ready to go!

I still laugh thinking about this photo shoot!!!!!!! I’m talking laughing so hard I’m crying!

We went to a great brewery called Iron Goat Brewing, which had some good beers and some GREAT pizza! I had been craving a wedge salad for almost a week, and this place was soooo good!


We had an interesting uber ride home, let’s just say it involved gasoline and a lot of talk about ratings…..I thought for sure that I was going to die and become a part of his seats, but I was riding with some murder experts and they weren’t concerned so that gave me some reassurance.

The next day was more fun around Spokane, and resting up for the main event.

Sunday morning my mom, brother, and sister in law walked with Mira B so that Dave and I could run run run. Thank you so much to mom, Daniel and Aya for being so awesome! Mira had a lot of fun and was people watching the entire time.



I wanted to talk for a minute about Bloomsday last year. I hadn’t ran much during my pregnancy and so I knew I wouldn’t be running, but I had a goal to walk, with a little running throughout. Things didn’t go as planned, I experienced a lot of weird feelings and listened to my body when it told me to take a few long breaks. Needless to say it really bothered me to see my time last year, but I just kept reminding myself that with a lot of hard work and determination I could run again. I had a lot of people tell me what they found post-partum fitness to be like, and many telling me how it would “probably” be for me. I found no ones predictions to be accurate. Some people said that weight would just fall off and things would feel the same very quickly, some said I would never be the same again, others said if you don’t lose weight in the first six months fitness would be much more difficult and you’ll probably never lose it. This is why I try never to tell anyone what their experience will or will not be like.


It has been a long hard road, and I don’t plan on giving up any time soon. I found that along the way I tried things that did not work for me and I needed to modify and move forward. Knowing that I could do that and it didn’t mean I needed to give up was crucial! I was proud of myself that I was able to run the entire race this year (stopping once for water). I’m training for another half marathon and I plan to get it in before the end of this year (#goals).


It was a great weekend and I’m so happy I got to spend time with my family!!


Guys, guess what?? It was my first Mother’s Day this year! I know, I mean technically I was a mother last year, but she was still on the inside. I was really excited to celebrate being a mom this year, but also to celebrate my mom. She has been such a tremendous help to my family. We had some child care difficulties and she really stepped up and helped us out lot, so I wanted to make this years celebration special for her as well.


After much discussion and a few grocery store trips, we decided to have a bagel bar.


We also hit up the bakery at Metro Market and found some yummy baked goods/berries/chocolates.


It was nice to celebrate with all my family. Especially since it was my sister’s first Mother’s Day as well. This year we welcomed Elio into our family in February. Lot’s of mothers to celebrate!

Everyone was pleasantly full after breakfast and many were ready for naps.


Bet you thought I was going to say Mira????? HA!

We hung out in the back yard all day and welcomed Kodi and Tara over later in the afternoon for a walk and BBQ.


Man, when I see him he still looks like this to me…


All in all it was a great Mother’s Day!


I think I’ve caught you up on what’s been going on in my life! Spring/Summer are my favorite time of year, especially now that we have a garden. I can’t wait for these little babies to grace us with their presence.


I plan on doing a lot of gardening this summer!! We’ve never had a yard/garden of our own so we are really just getting the hang of keeping up with it and I’m so excited! I love spending time outside, getting my hands dirty, and seeing the results.


Mira and I plan to do a lot of runs this summer. She’s been loving the stroller and jogs as long as she has a couple toys and can see people along the way.


And we are very excited to visit family and celebrate Mira’s 1st birthday!!!!! Woohoo

Be well.

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