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Indoor Triathlon Recap

I recently participated in an indoor triathlon and I wanted to tell you all about it!  But, I’ll get to that…

I think I told you all how I bought the yumboxes?  That was a very impulsive desicion and I we have been having quite a bit of fun with them.  Well, I, have been having a lot of fun making lunches 🙂  I think Dave’s been enjoying eating them.


I was searching the internet for my next fun athletic adventure and I came across the Indoor Triathlon and I thought, “well doesn’t that sound nice!”  And it very much was 🙂

I’d never heard of anything quite like this.  The nature of the event made it really nonthreatening, and even though I’m a competitive person at heart (and on the surface), I really had a lot of fun!  I met some friendly people, pushed my body hard, and got my photo taken the entire time (thanks Dave).  The day started with a leisurely swim.


The way the indoor triathlon works is you are allotted a certain amount of time for each leg of the event.  For the swimming event we were given 10 minutes to go as far as we could.  I definitely wasn’t swimming to set any world records or anything, but my days of swim team came back to me and I had SO much fun!  It really made me crave a banana ( I guess I ate a lot of those during my swim meets).  I didn’t feel to bad about my distance either 😛


Dave was my pit crew, and he did an excellent job.  We had ten minutes to get to the bike area (they set your personal bike up on a trainer and had a pedometer to count the distance).  I just got a new bike last week, and I love it very much! The only problem was that I went for a bike ride the day before with Dave and I was a little bit sore (whoops, rookie mistake).  I didn’t go as far as I’d like, but I didn’t feel bad about it until I realized the two ladies on either side of me were super good!  I would say that they were super athletes and it was inspiring more than anything, it just put me in my place athletically (something to aim for next time).  It was fun chatting with both of them, they were very fun ladies.


Like I was saying, I didn’t take the bike leg too seriously.  When I do another one I definitely won’t go on a bike ride the day before.  I did have a lot of fun, chatting with people.


I also chatted with Dave (he was in the spectator section), I taught him a little sign language during the ride, and he’s definitely got the alphabet down!  We biked for 30 minutes, and that felt pretty good, I’m pretty sure I could push harder.  I’ve decided to take some spin classes so I can get better (yay)!!

Five minutes for transition and then next up was the run, this is the part I’m proud of the most (surprise surprise).  We had 15 minutes, and I was so very happy with my pace.  I pushed it hard, which felt good because I haven’t done any speed work in a very long time.

DSC_0325.JPG DSC_0336.JPG

All in all the triathlon was a really fun event.  I’m glad I impulsively decided to do it, and I’m really stoked with how it went.  Big thanks to the awesome pit crew and photographer.

There’s always a celebratory donut to follow any event.

DSC_0003.JPG homer simpson

Life is good.

Be well.

Another half marathon…and maybe an indoor triatholon

Hello world……

Whoa flashback to this song, you remember it?

Awww 2000, you were so good to me ;P  ‘I like you, you like me….’

So I had a pretty rough week.  I’m not going to go into too much detail (I figure I should draw the line somewhere), suffice to say I was out of it for medical reasons for a few days.  It was very difficult and I had to get through some physical and mental pain.  Dave and I decided the best cure for that is to set a goal and therefore we will be running the Negative Split Half Marathon in Spokane in April (let me know if you wanna join us)!!!!  I’m very excited to focus some energy on my running, I had kind of been putting it on the back burner for a while.

Today was our first long run.  Well, actually it was my first long run, Dave had gotten up to 7 miles, but reset the dial on his training when I decided to join him (HE’S THE BEST).  We did 4 miles and it felt great.  I did get a little mental thing going that was trying to slow me down around mile 2 but then I thought about the actual physical pain I was feeling and I created a new motivational catch phrase for myself “I’ve felt worst pain than this!” I repeated that to myself a few times and forgot about trying to cop out of my run.  It reminded me just how much my limitations with running really are mental.


Be well!

Oh Yeah, I was surfin’ the web today and I found this Seattle Indoor Triathlon, it looks like so much fun.  I’m thinking I’ll do it, seems very ‘beginner triathloner’ (yeah I made that title up) friendly.  My plan is to try and swim 10 minute consecutively at a pool this week and if I can do it with out stopping then I’m signing up.

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