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"To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift." -Prefontaine



Labor Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a great labor day weekend!!!  We had a lot of fun seeing family, friends, and some unexpected wildlife!

I definitely prefer to plan my weekends, but this time around Dave was adamant that we keep things low key and make very few plans….so we ended up doing a whole bunch and made a ton of plans ;P  It was glorious (don’t worry, Dave thought so too).  Friday we headed up to grandmas to try and get Scooters situation under control, to no avail.  We’ll be heading to the vet this Friday (my preference anyways, let the professionals help).


Saturday morning we woke up and did a great hill run that I found on cakes and carrot’s blog.  It was very adaptable to the area around grandma’s since she lives at the top of a hill.  After that we went to a friends place for a block party, it was very relaxed and fun.   Sunday was definitely the low key day Dave was craving, we stayed home pretty much the entire day (save for a trip to get coffee, target, and softball practice).  We did some netflixing, watched Birdman and Tig’s HBO special “Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted,” both were amazing and I absolutely recommend them.

Monday turned out to be filled to the brim, but in the most excellent way!  First stop, Portola Coffee Lab the best coffee we’ve found in Orange County thus far (I say thus far, because we will be continuing the search).


My aunt, uncle, and cousin ended up coming out to the beach for the day so we met up with them to hang out and catch up.


It was great to see them!  Mika really enjoyed Dave’s story about the sting ray and looking at his scar.


After meeting with them we headed to our friends house for a luau party she was throwing for her mom’s birthday.  She did such a great job with the decorations!

DSC_0024.JPGdrift wood Pineapple spam

Look at these cute sandals!!  She used icing and nutter butters, what a great idea.


Dave has been craving, and I mean CRAVING, a pina colada.  As soon as we got there, Lena and him got down to business.

Dave & Lena


Verdict = delicious!


Picture time!  The selfie stick came out, I’ve never seen a selfie stick but this thing was pretty awesome.  The best was when Lena used it to take a regular photo.



We finished off our labor day weekend with a visit from a most unique insect.  I’ve never seen a real life praying mantis, it didn’t like Dave’s foot but I really wanted a size comparison in the picture.  I love how you can tell that it’s looking at Dave’s foot and pretty much saying “woah, back off buddy!”


Hope you guys had a great weekend too!!

Be well

Colander and a sentence a picture

Okay so when nonna is out of commission (aka broken wrist), we have to FORCE her to not do anything.  It’s cute cause she just can’t stop herself.  We decided that we needed to get her out of the house for din din, otherwise she’d try to make us a five course meal.

imageGetting her to smile for a pic is sooo difficult, I’m proud 🙂


Chocolate milk for the June birthday boys


Sooo much pasta and sugo!!!


Baked tortellini = cheesy delicious amazingness.


Meat and potatoes (the potatoes weren’t as good as nonna’s, but then again nothing really is).


In true Italian fashion you FINISH your meal with the salad.


Logan made a Thomas sandwich!!!




Chocolate cake needs to be eaten without a shirt (incase of spills), that rule is for Dave as well.

Great week so far!

Be well



What a weekend!!!!!!!!

It started with a wonderful brunch at Fiddlehead (awesome restaurant in West Seattle)

Dave-o!! Pretty proud of his birthday present to me–as he should be 🙂
And look at those billy buttons (one of our wedding flowers)!













After brunch we were on our way….on our way to SLOTHS!!!!!!!!  That’s what Dave got me for my birthday surprise.  He took me to this sloth sanctuary to hang out with, feed, and pet what felt like a million sloths 🙂  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day:

The first thing I saw when I walked in the door.  Ok, I'm already peeing my pants with excitement!
The first thing I saw when I walked in the door. Ok, I’m already peeing my pants with excitement!












I thoroughly enjoyed feeding them, I’m pretty sure I fed them most of what the staff provided us.

They are shockingly wiry, but I think they appreciate the pet.











The girl who took us on the tour was VERY informative.  She knew so much about these sloths (as well as all the other animals they had at the sanctuary – which was a lot).  The sloths were quite funny, they love to eat so they roamed around their little habitat going up to all the different people on the tour and trying to “hook” them to get food.  If you haven’t seen a sloth “hook,” it’s adorable and you can see it in this cute video.  Unfortunately, if they don’t recognize your smell or voice they will try to bite you (I know, I couldn’t believe it either), so you have to not let them “hook” you and feed them carefully.

There was a baby named Hemingway, and he was soooo cute:

The big one liked to check in on him every so often.
The big one liked to check in on him every so often.

Hemingway was very vocal (they sound just as cute as they look)!

IMG_6123 IMG_6122 IMG_6139


Because they are so slow it was easy to get great shots of them!  I have to admit if I could quit my job and move in to the house next door to the sloth sanctuary I would do it tomorrow.  I had so much fun and I highly recommend taking the tour at the Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center & Sloth Sanctuary.  They are very nice and it was such a surreal experience.



Dave really outdid himself with this birthday adventure, makes me so excited for the future 🙂  I’ll leave you with Hemingway, the baby sloth, sun bathing.


Be well!

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