The Art of Running in the Rain

"To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift." -Prefontaine



Mira is eight months

as of two days ago, but I mean, hey, I’m getting it done, so back off.


Look how big she is!!! **banana for perspective 😉 **

This little girl has grown up tremendously in the last couple of months!


She has so much to say ALL the time, she really likes the consonant sounds: /m, b, p, k, g/, and we’ve heard something similar to ‘hi’ and and an approximation to ‘mama.’ Her only true word right now is ‘more’ in the context of eating, I’m currently trying to help her generalize to toys 🙂

DSC_0095.JPGI think Mira’s face speaks to how she feels about me applying my speech therapist skills on her.

Her current likes:

  • Having friends/family all around her
  • Going on walks – this one hasn’t changed since birth
  • Her lovie- bunny – thanks auntie Kate, Emily, and Lo Lo
  • When her mama dances and makes funny faces at her
  • Oliver playing with toys
  • Papa putting her on his shoulders
  • Eating ALL the food.
  • Going for runs


Current dislikes:

  • Still hates going to sleep – the amount of tears involved have GREATLY decreased, but there are often tears nonetheless.
  • She went through a small phrase of separation anxiety, but that was short lived and she’s back to being super social.  **knock on wood, because I hear it can get worst**

I left that last one blank because honestly guys there is not a lot that Mira doesn’t like right now! She is a bad ass chick and SOoooOO much fun to hang out with. I’m just really relishing in it because developmentally she’s suppose to hate me/structure pretty strongly in a year or so.  So don’t worry, I know, “enjoy these moments!”


I will say, I love it when I see mamas posting pics of their older children, just loving those moments too (like, they do happen!) My girlfriend recently posted the sweetest pic of a snuggle moment with her four-year-old daughter, and all I thought was “YAY, I can’t wait to cuddle like that with Mira!”

Mira had some awesome friend moments over the last couple of months, and she is really looking forward to more chances to hang out with friends!

We had to say goodbye to our boner boy, Charlie. I’m so happy that Mira was able to spend the first part of her life with him. He loved her so much, and I know he will be watching over her as she grows.


Mira celebrated her first Valentine’s Day and thanks to her aunt Rebecca she was pretty dolled up for the occasion.


Mira’s had a great couple of months, and we are looking forward to what this little firecracker has in store for us 🙂

Be well.

11 Years, Feels Like 2

My friend showed me this video and man did I cry after watching it.  It made me think of the last eleven years I’ve had with this guy..


Charlie has been with me through some pretty difficult times in my life and I really don’t know what I would have done without him.


When I first met Charlie they said they had found him roaming the streets of Seattle.  I took him to the play area Seattle Animal Shelter has in their backyard and he was totally aloof.  This was what I wanted in a dog.


He was fooling me though, playing coy I think.  Because this dog has a tremendous amount of personality.  He gets very excited to see pretty much everyone, Tara always says the song that goes, “I didn’t mean to scare you, you just seemed really nice” reminds her of him and it’s completely true.


Charlie was named after the dog in this movie, and while he’s really more like ‘itchy,’ I just love how she says his name, I say it to him in her voice all the time.

This dog means so much to me, I often cry thinking about what my life will be like without him. I used to get upset at myself for worrying about that, but I now know that when I cry for that (hopefully) far off future I’m just practicing the sadness that will inevitably be. Sadness, disappointment, loss, they are all a part of life. Let’s not pretend these things don’t happen, but let’s celebrate what we have right now. Knowing, that when the hard time does come, we will be sad, but also resilient.

I love you my Charlie bone ❤

National Dog Day & almond butter-honey granola

Happy National Dog day everyone!!!!  I know so many dog lovers (I find they make the best kind of friends), so I know many of you are celebrating your sweet little beasts right now.  Give them a big squish for me!

Here are some recent shots of my babies at my grandparent’s lake cabin:



Pretty much the best ever!!!!!!  Hope you are giving your dog a little love right now, and maybe a bone.

On to some yumminess I’ve been indulging in lately.  I recently made Jen’s honey almond & coconut granola, you can find the recipe at her blog: Peanut Butter Runner

granola 1

I highly recommend this granola, it’s slightly sweet and super delicious.  A little bit goes a long way, so it makes a great parfait topper or sprinkled on a smoothie!

Granola 3

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday!

Be Well.

Weekend recap II

This weekend was pretty much the opposite of last weekend.  We stayed home almost the whole time, and it was great.  Sometimes you need to bring a little puppy into your life to force you to relax at home



No, we didn’t adopt another puppy, these two are just enough for us at this point in our life

charlie and oli

But I’m not going to lie, watching my friend, Tara’s, puppy for the weekend was an absolute blast!

Oli and Kodi played all weekend long.  It was funny because Oli would get tired (he’s 1.5 years old), and he would be so shocked that Kodi still had energy.  I guess he’s just used to slow movin’ Charles.


Saturday morning my amazing husband made me breakfast in bed.


Give me ALL the carbs….and cottage cheese 🙂

I felt like I should be nice in return, so I made flourless almond/peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.  I’m drawing a complete blank on where I found the recipe #badblogger I’m very sad about this because they were super delicious and I’d love to make them again.


We played a game of crib while we munched on these delicious little morsels.


We also enjoyed the view.


We decided to get a little of the puppy’s energy out on the beautiful hike later in the day.  We went to Annette Lake and only did about half the hike (apparently it doesn’t take much to poop out a puppy, or a Nicole…the elevation gain was torture).



Charlie thoroughly enjoyed himself 🙂


The view after just 40 minutes into the hike, beautiful!

Kind of wish that Saturday would have gone on forever.

Be well.

Dog park

This post will be super brief, the reason being that I just finished an incredibly daunting task….drum roll please….I just organized all the photos on my computer.  It took me four hours, but it was so worth it.  Now all of my photos are in neat little folders with names like, “San Francisco 2013” or “Florida 2012.”  It was also very enjoyable seeing all the old photos and being nostalgic (I love that kind of shit).

At any rate, I wanted to talk a little bit about something I have liked to do for the last seven years.  Seven years is how long I have had my beloved Charlie:

**Holy crap, finding that photo was soooo much easier**

If there is one thing Charlie loves more than me (because let’s be honest, he loves the crap out of me), it’s the dog park.

IMG_2218 IMG_2394










Charlie gets this big long drool going, and walks around trying to find anything that he can hump.  I found out that it might actually be a problem, because his humping means that he wants to dominate everyone at the park.  We’re working on it.  In October of last year we brought this little joy into our lives:

Meet Oliver James :)
Meet Oliver James 🙂

And now we have two dogs that love the dog park.  They’re still working on enjoying the dog park together, Oli likes to jump at Charlie’s face and bite his ears and legs.  Charlie ignores Oli and tries to find dogs to hump.  It’s a sweet family dynamic we’ve got going on; although, sometimes you find those beautiful moments:

“Wait Charlie, wait for me!”
This is where Oliver pretends to like water so he can hang out with Charlie.

I wouldn’t change our weekend Dog park tradition.  My favorite park is Marymoore, it’s over on the east side, but it’s huge and has multiple entrances into the water.  There’s even a doggy washing place right outside of the main entrance.  Love our little doggy family 🙂

"I'll be the big spoon Charlie!!"
“I’ll be the big spoon Charlie!!”

Hope you had a great weekend!!  I’m off to watch some Game of Thrones.

Be well.




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