The Art of Running in the Rain

"To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift." -Prefontaine


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Sunday Style VII

Happy Sunday!!  It’s been so long since I’ve come at you with a Sunday Style post so this is a very exciting moment for me! YAY!

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I’m still figuring out what the weather is going to be like down here, so I’m trying to stay away from purchasing any new garment until I’ve experienced a SoCal winter (yeah, I’m droppin’ that term on ya). HOWEVER, I just happened to be in Target yesterday and stumbled upon some awesome items; a few of which I couldn’t resist.  This post features one of the items I snagged, printed jogger pants.  I actually tend to be a person that runs hot temperature wise, but it’s pretty warm down here so I figured a light weight pant would be pretty good for “fall.”  


These are very soft, and super comfortable!

I love the ‘jogger’ pant look, so I was excited to see it in a new form!


Full Body II


I’m already thinking of other types of tops I can pair them with.  I’ve started looking at pinterest for outfit inspiration and I really like this look!



Outfit details:

Top: American Apparel Cotton Spandex Crop Top

Bottoms: Target Printed Jogger Pant

Shoes: Birkenstock

Be well!

Sunday Style V

Sunday Style VII.jpg

Sunday Style VI.jpg

I was in Palm Dessert for most of my spring break, so I decided to break into my summer capsule (90 degree weather will do that to you). I don’t have my entire summer capsule put together, but I have favorites that I saved because I like how they fit and know that I will wear them when summer comes. So today you get a sneak peak at my summer capsule.   We’re heading back to Seattle today, so I’m taking full advantage of being able to wear my warm weather attire!

Sunday style III.jpg

On my trip to Las Vegas last year my cousins, Kate and Emily, introduced me to Zara and Top Shop (I know, I’m a little late to the game).   I am now in LOVE with Zara now. I feel like they have the latest styles for an excellent price.

Sunday Style IX.jpg

Sunday Style V.jpg

I’ve heard some people say that crop tops are for girls in their teens and early twenties and to that I say, last summer was the first time I felt comfortable (and in love) enough with my body to wear a crop top, if there ever comes a time that I don’t feel comfortable then I won’t.  I think we let other people, and society, dictate how we should look (and how we should feel about ourselves) WAY too much. At the end of the day if you’re happy with you, then that’s what matters most, and if you’re not then that’s when you should act.

Top: Zara (no longer available, similar here)

Skirt: Zara (no longer available, similar here)

Shoes: Birkenstock

It feels as though we’ve seen a lot of California lately, and I can’t say I’m upset about that 🙂

Be well.


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