The Art of Running in the Rain

"To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift." -Prefontaine



Mira is eight months

as of two days ago, but I mean, hey, I’m getting it done, so back off.


Look how big she is!!! **banana for perspective ūüėČ **

This little girl has grown up tremendously in the last couple of months!


She has so much to say ALL the time, she really likes the consonant sounds: /m, b, p, k, g/, and we’ve heard something similar to ‘hi’ and and an approximation to ‘mama.’ Her only true word right now is ‘more’ in the context of eating, I’m currently trying to help her generalize to toys ūüôā

DSC_0095.JPGI think Mira’s face speaks to how she feels about me applying my speech therapist skills on her.

Her current likes:

  • Having friends/family all around her
  • Going on walks – this one hasn’t changed since birth
  • Her lovie- bunny – thanks auntie Kate, Emily, and Lo Lo
  • When her mama dances and makes funny faces at her
  • Oliver playing with toys
  • Papa putting her on his shoulders
  • Eating ALL the food.
  • Going for runs


Current dislikes:

  • Still hates going to sleep – the amount of tears involved have GREATLY decreased, but there are often tears nonetheless.
  • She went through a small phrase of separation anxiety, but that was short lived and she’s back to being super social.¬† **knock on wood, because I hear it can get worst**

I left that last one blank because honestly guys there is not a lot that Mira doesn’t like right now! She is a bad ass chick and SOoooOO much fun to hang out with. I’m just really relishing in it because developmentally she’s suppose to hate me/structure pretty strongly in a year or so.¬† So don’t worry, I know, “enjoy these moments!”


I will say, I love it when I see mamas posting pics of their older children, just loving those moments too (like, they do happen!) My girlfriend recently posted the sweetest pic of a snuggle moment with her four-year-old daughter, and all I thought was “YAY, I can’t wait to cuddle like that with Mira!”

Mira had some awesome friend moments over the last couple of months, and she is really looking forward to more chances to hang out with friends!

We had to say goodbye to our boner boy, Charlie. I’m so happy that Mira was able to spend the first part of her life with him. He loved her so much, and I know he will be watching over her as she grows.


Mira celebrated her first Valentine’s Day and thanks to her aunt Rebecca she was pretty dolled up for the occasion.


Mira’s had a great couple of months, and we are looking forward to what this little firecracker has in store for us ūüôā

Be well.

Labor Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a great labor day weekend!!!  We had a lot of fun seeing family, friends, and some unexpected wildlife!

I definitely prefer to plan my weekends, but this time around Dave was adamant that we keep things low key and make very few plans….so we ended up doing a whole bunch and made a ton of plans ;P ¬†It was glorious (don’t worry, Dave thought so too). ¬†Friday we headed up to grandmas to try and get Scooters situation under control, to no avail. ¬†We’ll be heading to the vet this Friday (my preference anyways, let the professionals help).


Saturday morning we woke up and did a great hill run that I found on cakes and carrot’s blog. ¬†It was very adaptable to the area around grandma’s since she lives at the top of a hill. ¬†After that we went to a friends place for a block party, it was very relaxed and fun. ¬† Sunday was definitely the low key day Dave was craving, we stayed home pretty much the entire day (save for a trip to get coffee, target, and softball practice). ¬†We did some netflixing, watched Birdman and Tig’s HBO special “Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl Interrupted,” both were amazing and I absolutely recommend them.

Monday turned out to be filled to the brim, but in the most excellent way! ¬†First stop, Portola Coffee Lab¬†the best coffee we’ve found in Orange County thus far (I say thus far, because we will be continuing the search).


My aunt, uncle, and cousin ended up coming out to the beach for the day so we met up with them to hang out and catch up.


It was great to see them! ¬†Mika really enjoyed Dave’s story about the sting ray and looking at his scar.


After meeting with them we headed to our friends house for a luau party she was throwing for her mom’s birthday. ¬†She did such a great job with the decorations!

DSC_0024.JPGdrift wood Pineapple spam

Look at these cute sandals!!  She used icing and nutter butters, what a great idea.


Dave has been craving, and I mean CRAVING, a pina colada.  As soon as we got there, Lena and him got down to business.

Dave & Lena


Verdict = delicious!


Picture time! ¬†The selfie stick came out, I’ve never seen a selfie stick but this thing was pretty awesome. ¬†The best was when Lena used it to take a regular photo.



We finished off our labor day weekend with a visit from a most unique insect. ¬†I’ve never seen a real life praying mantis, it didn’t like Dave’s foot but I really wanted a size comparison in the picture. ¬†I love how you can tell that it’s looking at Dave’s foot and pretty much saying “woah, back off buddy!”


Hope you guys had a great weekend too!!

Be well

Protein Packed Pumpkin Spice Banana Muffins

Hello! ¬†Hope everyone’s had a great Monday so far, and that your weekend was fun and relaxing! ¬†Our’s was filled with (of course) the dog park…


You just really can’t deny this guy what he loves, and what he loves is to arrive at the dog park, wander the perimeter sniffing and eating grass, and ultimately sitting in the shade. ¬†It’s a complex life Charlie leads.

We also visited grandma and took care of her dog, Scooter’s, flea problem, which reminds me that I wanted to tell you all how amazing Advantix II¬†is! ¬†Charlie and Oliver received a dose on Monday and we went to see grandma and Scooter on Friday (he was swimming in fleas, gross I know) and both boys remained flea free, even after spending the night!!! ¬†I highly recommend it if your doggo sees other dogs or goes to the dog park. ¬†I’m definitely not a vet though, so ask yours if it’s right for your dog. ¬†Hopefully Scooter is better fast!

While we were at grandma’s I tried out a new to me product, Kodiak Cakes.


I see the hungry runner girl post about this mix a lot so I really wanted to try them! ¬†Let me tell you they were delicious. ¬†I didn’t snap any photos of the pancakes, but I did decide I wanted to create a recipe with them.

So I made ‘Protein Packed Pumpkin Spice Banana Muffins.’ ¬†They were super easy to make, and turned out delicious!


Protein Packed Pumpkin Spice Banana Muffins

  • Servings: 14-18 muffins depending on size
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print


  • 2 cups Kodiak Cakes Flapjack & Waffle mix
  • 1 cup organic soy milk (or other milk alternative)
  • 1/2 cup of brown sugar
  • 1 egg*
  • 1/2 cup Earth Balance unsalted butter
  • 2 ripe mashed bananas
  • 2 tsp pumpkin spice mix
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 cup milk chocolate chips**

*If you are egg sensitive or vegan you could substitute flax

**For a vegan option use dark chocolate chips


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Combine all ingredients in a medium sized mixing bowl
  3. Fill greased or lined muffin pan with the batter (I usually try to grease, you know save the whales and all, but this time I was out of my nonstick spray).
  4. Cook for 10-12 minutes (check at 10 minutes with a tooth pick).


per muffin (based on a yield of 17 muffins)

  • calories: 153
  • fat: 6g
  • carbohydrates: 26g
  • fiber: 3g
  • protein: 3g



What’s in a name?

Well, it’s been quite some time since my last post, but…

Nicole's here!
Nicole’s here!

I want to give a recap of the last few weeks, because they’ve been soooo amazing!

1.) I went to Vegas/SoCal with my cousins, aunt, and mom and had a ton of fun. ¬†I will be doing a full recap in an up coming post. ¬†I’ll start you off with a picture of the most amazing bloody mary you could ever find:

It was build your own!!!!!

I just can’t say no to a delicious bloody mary!!

2.) I’ve been hard at my training and I completed my second half marathon (the Kirkland Mother’s Day Marathon) last Sunday. ¬†Having it on Mother’s Day was adorable, seeing moms running with kids and/or dads+kids meeting mom at the finish line was sweet–Dave said, “I’m sorry babe I won’t be meeting you at the end, I’ll be running it with you.” ūüôā We completed the half in 2:19, which is 5 minutes faster than my time when I was 23, WOO HOO! ¬†The best part about the whole thing was that after I was done I thought to myself, “I wanna do that again…..but faster!” ¬†So that’s just what we’re going to do (and maybe a full marathon too). ¬†We’ve already signed up for Seattle Rock n’ Roll half (June 21st) and I’m eager to see how hard I can push myself.



I love a good finisher’s medal ūüôā ¬†The only thing about this particular race that bummed me out (similar to race for the roses in Portland), was that even after I signed up for a women’s sm shirt they didn’t have my size. ¬†I feel like when you pay an $85 sign up fee, you should get your shirt in the correct size. ¬†Otherwise the course was lovely and the run was nice/easy-gotta love training.

3.) I felt like working out the DAY AFTER my half marathon! ¬†This is really important to share because I’m so proud that my body is eager for this kind of activity ūüôā So I grabbed a kettlebell and did a really great workout.

4.) Dave and I tried acro-yoga on Tuesday and it was very fun!! ¬†It’s definitely more difficult than you’d think, we’ll be back to the class I’m sure, hopefully one day we can do it out on the water:

acro yoga


5.) I made the most ¬†awesome inside out peanut butter cups! ¬†I have almost perfected the recipe, well suffice to say I perfected it and then burnt some of the peanut butter. ¬†So once I make it without burning it, I’ll post the recipe!

6.) I decided to get my belly button pierced once again.  This was my reward (I know, I guess my definition of reward is different than most peoples) to myself for feeling good about my abs.  Nothing like a little bling to motivate some ab workouts!!

7.) I completed the fastest run I have ever done (in my LIFE). ¬†No where to go from here but up, or down, if you’re thinking about race time.

Splits don't lie!
Splits don’t lie!

8.) Last but definitely not least, my blog has a new look AND a new name. ¬†The name was inspired by my all time favorite book, “The Art of Racing in the Rain.” ¬†The author is from Seattle and it’s a book from the perspective of a dog — how could this dog lover say no. ¬†It will make you laugh, cry, and want to play with/squeeze your pooch ūüôā ¬†Check it out! ¬†Also, I changed the ‘racing in the rain’ to ‘running in the rain,’ since it’s kind of what you need to learn to do living in Seattle.

Well, I’ve missed the blogosphere, I promise not to be gone that long again!

Be well.


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