The Art of Running in the Rain

"To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift." -Prefontaine



Highlights from Nonna’s



Burpee Challenge!!!


Day 1 = I was the winner.  Day 2 = Daniel won.


Did I mention LOGAN LOVES DOGS!!!!!!!!  Charlie and Oliver were in heaven, I’ve never met a 22 month old as gentle with dogs as he is, so adorable!


Mom got a little crazy.  In true Italian fashion she was taking swigs of grappa and then offering it to everyone else.  With a thick Italian accent she would say, “you want a little bit of da juice?”

You want a little bit of the juice.jpg

Julia didn’t buy it, but we had a good laugh.  Especially when mom’s $17,000 ipad when flying into the water ;P


Can I just say that this little guy is SUPER intelligent.  Dave had so much fun building a star wars walker out of legos with him.


It’s always fun visiting nonna, especially when I get to see so many fun family members!

Be well.

Fourth of July recap

This last week was a much needed vacation. Although it ended too soon, I’m glad it happened and feel like so many great memories were formed. One of the highlights was the fourth of July BBQ Dave’s mom arranged. I was inspired by PBfingers and made a little watermelon/feta flag salad to celebrate

IMG_0220Dave did some man things

man things.jpg

While I drank whisky ginger which contained a couple whisky soaked cherries


It was the perfect day for a BBQ, everyone enjoyed the sunshine!


Dave took a break from flippin’ burgers to pose with his mom (aren’t they cute)

Dave and his mom.jpg

It was a great day!  I feel a little ashamed that I didn’t honor my homeland on July 1st as much as I did the USA; however, I’m pretty proud that we were in Canada for the 1st and the US for the 4th.  To be exact we were in southeast BC for the first half of the week and then southwest OR for the second half.  Okay, I’m glad we did it, we got a lot of family time and with limited vacation time it’s hard to see family as often as we’d like, but we definitely spent 30 hours driving in total all week and that took it’s toll.  We gave ourselves a full day recovery and I think that really gave me the rest I needed to be ready for work this week.

Oh yeah, these were awesome

IMG_0216Fourth of July and Canada day will never occur again without these babies!!!!!!!!

Be well.


Colander and a sentence a picture

Okay so when nonna is out of commission (aka broken wrist), we have to FORCE her to not do anything.  It’s cute cause she just can’t stop herself.  We decided that we needed to get her out of the house for din din, otherwise she’d try to make us a five course meal.

imageGetting her to smile for a pic is sooo difficult, I’m proud 🙂


Chocolate milk for the June birthday boys


Sooo much pasta and sugo!!!


Baked tortellini = cheesy delicious amazingness.


Meat and potatoes (the potatoes weren’t as good as nonna’s, but then again nothing really is).


In true Italian fashion you FINISH your meal with the salad.


Logan made a Thomas sandwich!!!




Chocolate cake needs to be eaten without a shirt (incase of spills), that rule is for Dave as well.

Great week so far!

Be well


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