The Art of Running in the Rain

"To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift." -Prefontaine



Girl’s Weekend…Errr Actually Jill’s Weekend

This weekend was the #2ndgirlsweekendpalmsprings (longest hashtag ever…we couldn’t figure our shit out), and it was simply the best!


Abby was having a really good time 😉  I laughed so hard this weekend, if I had slightly worse bladder control, I would have peed myself multiple times.


Jill has been such a good friend, and when I decided I wanted to post about this weekend it reminded me that I didn’t do a post on her visit back in October.  My OCD just won’t allow that…

In October these two lovely ladies came to see me and it was everything!


We started our weekend off the right way….with donuts, and it’s safe to say that Ilee was happy!


Then Charlie needed a cuddle.


After Charlie was sufficiently cuddled we headed to the pool.


The next day we took the ladies down to the Los Rios Historic District of San Juan Capistrano.  One of my favorite areas!  When we first moved down here I spent so much time at Hidden House Coffee shop.


Ilee is sooooo adorable!


Dave and I got such a kick out of her.

DSC_0031.JPGAfter exploring the area, we headed to San Clemente for some Pizza Port, beer+pizza=THE BEST!


Then it was time for the beach.  I think Dave really loves taking friends and family to San Onofre because it means so much to him.  It’s where his dad taught him to surf, and he has so many fond memories.


I love surf culture, I haven’t met a mean surfer.


Ilee fell asleep before we even got there, look at this little bean!


Jill and I jumped in to boogie board while Dave watched over a sleeping Ilee.

When she woke up we took advantage of her excitement and had ourselves a pretty good time.


Alright, maybe I was the one who was extremely excited (if you couldn’t tell by that face)!



I mean, look at this face.



Such a good time at the beach with a few of my favorites!  I’m so glad I’ve gotten to share so many special moments at this beach with Dave and friends!


The next day was their last day 😦 but we were able to grab brunch and walk around Newport Beach before they headed out.  When we were about to leave I caught Dave and Ilee swapping stories….pretty adorable!


I love these girls, and I’m so glad that they came down to visit!!!!  I can’t wait until the next visit (…Disneyland???)

Love you Jill & Ilee!

Be well.



New adventures

Well, you know it’s been awhile when you go to type in your web address and it doesn’t automatically fill in with ‘theartofrunningintherain.’  I’m just hoping I still remember how to do this….oh yes, I type about my life (running, injuries, clothing, etc.) and tell myself that you all are very interested in what I’m doing ;P

A lot has changed for the Paolone-Webb clan; we are now officially California residents, I’m three shades darker, and I’ve purchased lattes from far fewer coffee shops (don’t get me wrong this isn’t financial restraint, this is purely because nothing compares to Herkimer and Voxx….just saying those names makes me miss their creamy delicious soy lattes).  Not to fret, one of the Herkimer dudes told me I can order online, and Dave makes a pretty mean latte.  In fact, funny diddy, that same guy said, “I don’t think it’s coffee you’ll have to worry about in Cali, I think it’s water.”  I responded to that with, “Let’s consider two things here, firstly I’ve been living on an island in Washington that has had poop in their water for the last 1.5 years, secondly, Washington is in a draught as well and yet the calves of my pants are soaked for over half the year, so let’s not throw stones when our house is made of beautiful, foresty, yummy coffee filled, PNW love.”  It’s hard to say anything negative about the Northwest, I mean, it’s my home base (yeah, I also joined a softball team so I use terms like home base now).  Well, I guess Canada is my true home, but I digress.

Yesterday my cousin asked how I was liking California (Orange County to be exact), and my response was this, “I’m very happy, I mean you know I have some critiques for California, but I’m also enjoying it quite a bit.”  After saying that I thought a great return post would be to share some of my favorites and some of my not favorites (there really could be a better word for that) of my new home.  So here goes…..


Sprouts Farmers Market


I was so worried to leave Seattle and all it’s granola goodness, to not have a place like PCC.  Places like this can be over priced, but this one is actually pretty good price-wise and you can tell they love the environment and have lot’s of organic and meat free options.  On that note, is it weird that I felt judged for being a pescatarian when living in Seattle? But down here, where there actually are less of us, I don’t feel judged?  Maybe the sunshine really does make people happy.  On to my next favorite….


The Sun


Seriously it’s shining all the time (well except in the morning which is the best time to get any vigorous outdoor activity done (e.g., running), but then every other time of the day is great for the pool.  I’m very excited to get to know the climate and can only hope for year round relative sunshinyness.


Lack of recycling.


It’s crazy because I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how California is very into recycling, they must be speaking of the Northern half or perchance SanDiego, because not so much in LA or the OC.  It would appear that very few have compost.  We have a recycle bin at our apt complex, but wayyyyy too often I see cardboard boxes, aluminum cans, etc. in the garbage!!! GAHHHHH It kills me, I want to dive in and save our world.  My thought is this: If you’re worried about the fact that the earth isn’t giving you enough water, then why the F@&# aren’t you taking care of your earth???????? But don’t worry, I’ll spread the word.  I actually prefer to be one of few, it makes me feel more powerful when change occurs 🙂




I have to yell this one because the produce native to California is da’bomb!  Seriously, avocado, figs, grapefruit, oh my! Omnomnomnom #ALLthefigs



All I can say is that I miss seeing my PNW friends with the frequency with which we were afforded when I lived in Sea-town.  But hey, “it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.”

Well there’s definitely more to say, but I’ll leave it there for now.  Oh wait, I wanted to tell you that I do plan on updating my capsule wardrobe to be more appropriate for the climate; I’ll keep you posted and I’ll definitely post some outfits.

Be well.

Uovo en raviolo da capo David

I think I’ve mentioned on the blog before that Dave loves to cook, and when this guy cooks he goes ALL out!  The other day he told me he was going to make Uovo en raviolo, and so naturally I said, “awesome, I’ll invite my friends and you can make it for all of us.”  He freaked out a little bit, but he took it on like a champ.  He used this recipe, and he had a stroke of genius when he substituted pistachios for the pancetta (gotta love a great cook who can be clever with recipe modifications).

The first thing he did was prepare the dough.  He made a beautiful egg well.


And then formed that into a into a lovely dough ball


Then we went for a bike ride (needed to work up an appetite).  By the time we got back we needed something to snack on while Dave got things going, so in true Italian fashion we had some rosemary bread dipped in oil.


Dave called upon his sous chef, and I assisted with the dough.


DSC_0074.JPG DSC_0071.JPG

I’m gonna drop a little Italian knowledge on ya, you ready for it?  ‘Raviolo’ is the singular of ‘ravioli,’ and the reason this recipe uses that form of the word is because each raviolo is gigantic and you’re really suppose to have one in a serving.  The filling consists of a ricotta/parmesan mixture and an egg yolk.


There were definitely some tricky steps in the recipe that were good learning experiences for the next time we make them.  You should flour the parchment paper that you put the ravioli on, because if you don’t, once you’ve sealed them they will surely stick to the parchment paper.


While I assembled the ravioli, Dave prepared the sauce.


Each raviolo needed to be sauced.


And plate


Soooo delicious


Of course we had some beggars, always hoping a scrap of something will fall to the floor.


They’re so cute it’s hard to ever stay mad at them.

Good food, good friends, and good conversation…the Italian way 🙂

Be well.

Kalli’s baby shower

I was honored to be able to hold a co-worker and friend’s baby shower at my place on Sunday!  Kalli is such a great person, she is very sweet and when I’m around her I find myself smiling more!

Her baby is coming very soon, and all the other SLPs at Boyer and myself decided to have a baby shower for her.  She is having a little baby girl


And we just can’t wait to meet her!!  Even though we all knew she was having a girl I had this urge to make a gender revealing cake.  My plan was to make cupcakes with pink cake hearts in them, but then that seemed like too much work so I turned it into a cake.


Turns out the recipe for both the cake and the icing weren’t that great, so this cake was all for the unnecessary gender revealing factor.  It satisfied something in me and I think Kalli was amused 😛

The decoration committee was in full force and I’m so proud of those girls!


Kalli and Josh’s theme is “Welcome to the world.”  They love to travel (they recently went to Thailand), and so we went all out with maps!


Everyone chipped in on food and dessert and there were so many yummy treats to eat.


Jenny left me a few of the pretty plants and the Canadian flag!! Yay shout out to my homeland 🙂


Rebecca did a great job with the baby shower games, my favorite was ‘guess the baby’


Mostly because the set up was so pretty.  Can’t go wrong with an old fashion trunk!

Baby made out like a bandit, and so did the babies papa with some yummy beer.


The shower was so much fun, and Kalli is such a warm person and it’s so easy to see why people love her!


We all had so much fun putting it on, I guess if we ever want to branch out of speech therapy we could always go into baby shower planning 🙂  Love these girls!

Be well.

Stagette weekend

One of the most amazing weekends of my life was September 20th, my cousin/friend, Katie, and friend-for-forever, Tara, threw me some amazing parties.  There was help from a lot of other ladies as well (namely Emily, Luisa, Lauren), but I’m gonna avoid the grammy’s thank you speech and just fill your eyes with the amazingness that it was.

N& D.jpg

The ladies rented a beautiful house in capitol hill, and the weekend started with a dinner at Barrio.  It was a great surprise because I hadn’t heard great things about Barrio and was pleasantly surprised when the food was amazing.

The next morning I was pampered to the extreme.  I went on a walk for coffee with my friend Jill and my cousin Spencer and when I came home I was greeted by Emily.


I was told to go downstairs and await.  Which I’m so glad I did because when I was allowed to come up all the beautiful decorations were up (*Kate and Em are amazing, they should start a business).




I wish I would have snapped more pictures of all the amazing things they did.  I can’t believe I didn’t get a photo of the yogurt bar (with Ellenos yogurt!), bloody mary bar, quiches and baked goods from Bakery Nouveau, and Victrola Coffee.  I have to add that the amazing planners came in from out of town…pretty amazing that they found the most delicious Seattle goods!


We played some great games and I received some really lovely gifts from all my friends and family 🙂


This photo is thanks to my lovely friend Tiffany 🙂

There was a brief intermission which allowed me to go on a run (while the planners got back to work…those ladies were working non-stop all weekend), and then come back and get into my sexy gear….


All attendants were given bags containing treats and items to alleviate any party induced ailments.  Featured item in my bag….the penis wand, it was in full force all evening, but really shined during the dancing portion of the evening.




We played some great games!  I really appreciate all the planning and effort that went into both parties 🙂  After the structured portion of the night we went out for some dancing.


The penis straws were in full force!  As was the dancing 🙂


Such an amazing weekend.  I can’t thank the friends and family in my life enough.  There’s a quote that a good friend of mine shared with me (I don’t know who it’s by, or if I have it accurately, but I’m gonna share it), “A good friend makes you feel like you have the better end of the deal.”  My friends are constantly making me feel like I’m getting the better end of the deal, and I just couldn’t live without them!

Be well.


Labor day camping!


Time to get on the road!  It’s wild how much stuff it requires to sustain 5 humans and 2 dogs for the weekend.  A. Lot.  The car ride was filled with the usual, ABC game, stories about conception, and witty banter.  The newest addition: Family Feud.  Super fun game 🙂


First things first, let’s get the Wifi


Just kidding, no wifi and no reception for 3 full days.  Well except when we went into town to buy me a sleeping bad because I had forgot mine.  #camping101 #wheresmyheadat

Next up, Charlie gettin’ cozy time.


Time for a little cribbage

IMG_6666I was thinking of just letting you guess what this next picture is about:

But then it would be WAY more fun to tell you about ear candling.  It is 100% not recommended; the research says that it’s not harmful, but that’s it’s also not really effective.  Although, we all tried it this last weekend and it was very relaxing and seemed to work.  It’s a hollow candle that you light on fire on one end and put the other end in your ear.  Essentially it’s suppose to clear out excessive cerumen from your outer ear.  It. Did.

Chillin’ yo!  You may notice the propane fire, yeah there was a ban on wood fires, which we figured out the second night (I’ll let you connect the dots on that one).IMG_6663


Time for bed, let’s get cozy.



I basically slept with yoda this weekend.

IMG_6660Breakfast on the way home always tastes super delicious.   Breakfast lovers!!!


I feel like there is a direct correlation with the number of days you’ve gone without showering and electronics and the level of satisfaction derived from that first shower when you get back home 😛

Camping was awesome, can’t wait for the next trip!  I have a ‘camping workout’ to share with you all soon!

Be well.




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