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knee pain

Knee update II

First run with consecutive miles (3) ran last night without knee pain!  I rolled, stretched, and iced afterwards; I will get to 100%!!

What do I attribute my recovery to? Not using the muscle? NO WAY JOSE! I don’t believe that not using something that is injured will fix it, I have been doing yoga, boot camps, walk/runs, elliptical, swim, strength training, and spinning.  Have I avoided things that irritate the knee (e.g. Running consecutive miles)? Yes, I’m not crazy.  I’m just saying that the benefits of getting regular exercise (e.g., endorphins, strength, confidence, etc.)  far surpasses the drawbacks of using an irritated muscle.  


Of course, this is my own opinion, I am not a doctor so ask yours what’s best for you.


So then what was it? Well, my thought is it’s a combination of things I did (it never really is just one thing is it?) first and foremost I saw the most change after going to the chiropractor, I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.  I also made sure to do my rolling/stretching, icing (both knees after every work out for 15 minutes), and limiting consecutive miles of running.  I have also been really tuning into my knee during excersices, if I feel something weird I either stop and stretch or give it a minute (sometimes it’s a phantom feeling that goes away in a few minutes).

Back to the chiropractor; I’m currently going to Doctor Micah Hamilton at South Orange County Chiropractic.  We’ve reduced my frequency because of my progress, yes you read that correctly, PROGRESS!!!  So something that they did that none of my doctors in Seattle did was take an X-ray of my hips, turns out one of them was almost out of its socket.  The first adjustment was a little scary and I ached like an old lady that night (I couldn’t even do Zumba), but it was definitely easier the next time.  I kind of crave it now, and I feel like I’m having to ween off (in a good way).

Thanks for all your support along the way!! It’s definitely been a work in progress, and seeings as we constantly have to stretch, roll, ice, and strengthen I guess it’s a lifetime commitment.   I’m just happy that for the most part, I’m pain free 🙂

Be well.

Being human

I have some sad news, my knee is super unhappy with me and I won’t be running the half marathon next month 😦

I decided to come to terms with it after I was having a hard time walking post 7 mile run.  I’ve made an appointment with an orthopedic doctor, and I’m excited to find out what’s going on inside my knee (MRI, etc.).  I just want to know if I really do need to focus on my hip/butt exercises more or if there’s something that needs to be surgically dealt with.

Until then I’m sticking with VERY short runs (1-3 miles max), hot yoga, spin/bike rides, elliptical, and body pump.


PS Body pump is HARD!!!!!!

Dave isn’t a fan of the treadmill (which I don’t understand), but I really need to use it because it’s so hilly where we live (and I think that’s one of the things I need to avoid for the knee sitch.  So this is what I look like when I run on the treadmill and I’m missing my running buddy.


It’s hard being human, and having our bodies tell us when they don’t like things.  I try to live by the rule of listening to my body, and giving it what I think it may need at that time (and of course asking a professional when I’m not sure).  My thought is, that if I back off running right now, fix the problem and do other exercises, then I’ll be able to run the rest of my life.  If I keep running long runs and continue to hurt my knee then I may do some serious long term damage.  Here’s to hoping it gets better fast!

Be well.

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