Hi hi!

I’m dropping in with a new series called “Luisa knows best.”  Luisa, being my mother…aka ‘mother knows best’ you get the gist, right?  She’s always giving tips and suggestions (sometimes unsolicited, but always appreciated) for little things that pop up in life and I felt like I should share.

The topic of this post is: how to remove nail polish from your skin without nail polish remover.  I have often had this problem (but clearly not in the presence of my mother, or else she would have shared her tip sooner).  It’s hard to bring all the products to do your nails with you on a trip, and it isn’t ideal to have to purchase nail polish remover whenever your out of town; but all too frequently I get nail polish on the skin around my nails when I’m doing them.  As I was complaining to my mom about it before we left for the wedding, she told me, “you can remove colored nail polish from your skin with clear nail polish.”  “Um, what?” I said.  “Yeah, you just put it on the spot, and then rub it with your finger or tissue.”  GENIUS!!!  It worked, and my nails looked great.  I will not easily forget this trick.


Let me know how it works for you!

Be well.