The Art of Running in the Rain

"To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift." -Prefontaine



Another half marathon…and maybe an indoor triatholon

Hello world……

Whoa flashback to this song, you remember it?

Awww 2000, you were so good to me ;P  ‘I like you, you like me….’

So I had a pretty rough week.  I’m not going to go into too much detail (I figure I should draw the line somewhere), suffice to say I was out of it for medical reasons for a few days.  It was very difficult and I had to get through some physical and mental pain.  Dave and I decided the best cure for that is to set a goal and therefore we will be running the Negative Split Half Marathon in Spokane in April (let me know if you wanna join us)!!!!  I’m very excited to focus some energy on my running, I had kind of been putting it on the back burner for a while.

Today was our first long run.  Well, actually it was my first long run, Dave had gotten up to 7 miles, but reset the dial on his training when I decided to join him (HE’S THE BEST).  We did 4 miles and it felt great.  I did get a little mental thing going that was trying to slow me down around mile 2 but then I thought about the actual physical pain I was feeling and I created a new motivational catch phrase for myself “I’ve felt worst pain than this!” I repeated that to myself a few times and forgot about trying to cop out of my run.  It reminded me just how much my limitations with running really are mental.


Be well!

Oh Yeah, I was surfin’ the web today and I found this Seattle Indoor Triathlon, it looks like so much fun.  I’m thinking I’ll do it, seems very ‘beginner triathloner’ (yeah I made that title up) friendly.  My plan is to try and swim 10 minute consecutively at a pool this week and if I can do it with out stopping then I’m signing up.

Fun fun times

Hey all,

This year held SO many of my most favorite occasions.  Occasions that changed my life in the best of ways!

I met a sloth


I went to Vegas with a few of my favorites


I completed two half marathons


My best friends threw me the most beautiful bridal shower ever.


Most amazing bachelorette party ever.

IMG_6816 IMG_6881 IMG_6901I pretty much had the most amazing weekend of my life which included seeing so much family, our FUN rehearsal, and the BEST.DAY.EVER (10.12.14) our wedding!

bridal party.jpg

My brother got married in Japan.

danand aya.jpg

And here we are 🙂 I plan on elaborating on a few of the aforementioned events.  It’s been an amazing year, and I’m excited for what the future holds.

Be well.


Nike’s flyknit 2 style

I have been loving my Nike Flyknit shoes!  I’m not usually one to kick around in sneakers, but I love how these feel and look!


Initially I bought these as my running shoes, but I honestly feel that if you want to do any sort of actual mileage running you need support.  I’m so glad that the whole minimalist shoe craze is dying down a bit.  Now I’m no expert, but I think it might have a little something to do with this:

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 3.20.20 PM

My anger towards how ugly the vibram shoe is and how the company is taking advantage of how society loves to jump on health band wagons has been greatly vindicated by there decline in sales (50% this year).  Annnnyways, back to my nike flyknits


I love how clean they look, and how functional they are in my day to day life (lot’s of moving around when working with small children).  I would highly recommend them for day to day use, and casual walking.


Oliver loves them as well 😉


If you’re looking for a good pair of running shoes, I highly recommend the Brooke’s Ravenna.  They have been really supportive (great for my knee).  I got them at Super Jock and Jill (which is an amazing running store in Greenlake), and I can’t say enough about how awesome they are.

IMG_6612The ironic thing about this shoe is it’s the 5th edition and I actually think I purchased the 1st edition when they originally came out, but for some reason I got away from them (shoes change so much one edition to the next – it’s wild).

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and maybe got a run or two in.  Dave and I managed to get out for our long run today and it was glorious!

Be well.


PR and my week in workouts

“I’ve been a runner for 10 years now.” I stated.

“But have you always been a runner?” asked Dave.

“YES!” I replied incredulously.

Dave and I were having the aforementioned discussion last night referring to whether or not the frequency or intensity of your running matter when deciding if you are a ‘runner.’  I say no!  No matter how fast you’re going or how frequently you are running I believe you are a runner.  Just believing that I was a RUNNER motivated me to get out the door during times when I might have only run once every two weeks or even once a month.  It’s why quotes like this are motivating:  


I believe it taps into a deeper part of human psyche, we like to be special, and we want something to set us apart from other people.  It’s funny because at the same time there is a developmentally appropriate part of many people that wants to be a member of something or a part of the collective, so we join groups (e.g., runners, musicians, etc.) or develop common interests.  It’s like there are two opposing forces at work within ourselves, yet we manage to strike balance daily….well most of us 😉

So what got that conversation started was a discussion about my PR last Wednesday.  I’ve been doing my tempo runs on Wednesday evenings and they have been glorious.  While I used to do them on the treadmill (it’s just so easy to keep track of pace), now that I have my little Garmin baby love child I can go anywhere and have suuuper accurate data on my splits.  This week was my best so far!  My plan of action: First mile 8-8:30 pace, after mile one I alternated between doing a quarter mile at an all out (6:30-7 mph) pace and 1 minute of jogging (nothing lower than 10mph) four times, lastly I did one more mile at 8-8:30 pace.  The end result:

IMG_0276This was pretty monumental for me.  It was a PR in the 5k department for me (26:16 if it’s hard to read), and the most exciting part is that all the work I’ve been doing is actually paying off, I’m getting faster!!!!  Also, it was the most amazing high for about 3 hours afterwards, so there’s that!

Here is my upcoming week in workouts:

Monday: 20 min. elliptical warm up, followed by 20 minute kettlebell

Tuesday: 4 mile easy run, split into two segments

Wednesday: 3-4 mile tempo run

Thursday: 3 mile run

Friday: REST (probably a nice long walk after dinner with Dave and the dogs)

Saturday: 9 mile run

Sunday: cross train (bike or maybe a HIIT workout)

Be well!

What workouts will you be doing?

Any recent PRs?



What’s in a name?

Well, it’s been quite some time since my last post, but…

Nicole's here!
Nicole’s here!

I want to give a recap of the last few weeks, because they’ve been soooo amazing!

1.) I went to Vegas/SoCal with my cousins, aunt, and mom and had a ton of fun.  I will be doing a full recap in an up coming post.  I’ll start you off with a picture of the most amazing bloody mary you could ever find:

It was build your own!!!!!

I just can’t say no to a delicious bloody mary!!

2.) I’ve been hard at my training and I completed my second half marathon (the Kirkland Mother’s Day Marathon) last Sunday.  Having it on Mother’s Day was adorable, seeing moms running with kids and/or dads+kids meeting mom at the finish line was sweet–Dave said, “I’m sorry babe I won’t be meeting you at the end, I’ll be running it with you.” 🙂 We completed the half in 2:19, which is 5 minutes faster than my time when I was 23, WOO HOO!  The best part about the whole thing was that after I was done I thought to myself, “I wanna do that again…..but faster!”  So that’s just what we’re going to do (and maybe a full marathon too).  We’ve already signed up for Seattle Rock n’ Roll half (June 21st) and I’m eager to see how hard I can push myself.



I love a good finisher’s medal 🙂  The only thing about this particular race that bummed me out (similar to race for the roses in Portland), was that even after I signed up for a women’s sm shirt they didn’t have my size.  I feel like when you pay an $85 sign up fee, you should get your shirt in the correct size.  Otherwise the course was lovely and the run was nice/easy-gotta love training.

3.) I felt like working out the DAY AFTER my half marathon!  This is really important to share because I’m so proud that my body is eager for this kind of activity 🙂 So I grabbed a kettlebell and did a really great workout.

4.) Dave and I tried acro-yoga on Tuesday and it was very fun!!  It’s definitely more difficult than you’d think, we’ll be back to the class I’m sure, hopefully one day we can do it out on the water:

acro yoga


5.) I made the most  awesome inside out peanut butter cups!  I have almost perfected the recipe, well suffice to say I perfected it and then burnt some of the peanut butter.  So once I make it without burning it, I’ll post the recipe!

6.) I decided to get my belly button pierced once again.  This was my reward (I know, I guess my definition of reward is different than most peoples) to myself for feeling good about my abs.  Nothing like a little bling to motivate some ab workouts!!

7.) I completed the fastest run I have ever done (in my LIFE).  No where to go from here but up, or down, if you’re thinking about race time.

Splits don't lie!
Splits don’t lie!

8.) Last but definitely not least, my blog has a new look AND a new name.  The name was inspired by my all time favorite book, “The Art of Racing in the Rain.”  The author is from Seattle and it’s a book from the perspective of a dog — how could this dog lover say no.  It will make you laugh, cry, and want to play with/squeeze your pooch 🙂  Check it out!  Also, I changed the ‘racing in the rain’ to ‘running in the rain,’ since it’s kind of what you need to learn to do living in Seattle.

Well, I’ve missed the blogosphere, I promise not to be gone that long again!

Be well.


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