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spring capsule

2015 Spring Capsule

I’m so excited to finely share with you (in it’s entirety) my spring capsule.  It definitely took some time and effort deciding on the 39 pieces, but I’m happy I did and I really think it will help me spend less over the next three months.

Without further ado, my capsule..

Capsule I capsule II.jpg

A few of the items I still need to acquire (e.g., leather jacket, clog sandals, white tank).  That’s one of the things I like about doing a seasonal capsule, the planning that goes into it.  I didn’t just pick from the items I have, I got to do some research online (I have to look at pinterest, jeez twist my arm) and decide a few (about 10) items that I wanted to buy to add to the clothes I have.  I felt like I could add items that were new to the season and stylish yet it gave me a limit to how much I was going to spend.  Now I get to be creative about how I put the items together.

My plan is to go this season without buying anything else.  It’s definitely a work in progress, I mean it’s my first time trying it, so we’ll see how it goes.  I’m excited to show you guys some of the outfits I create along the way, thanks for joining me on this adventure!

Let me know if you have any questions about the items.

Be well.

Sunday Style II

I wish it were a Sunday, cause that’s my fun day!!!



DSC_0147 DSC_0137

So I did it, I made my spring wardrobe capsule.  It consists of 39 items (shoes, outerwear, tops, & bottoms).  It was definitely a process, and it was hard to part with some things, but I’m proud to say that I donated/sold a lot of items.

If you live in Seattle (or a similar city) then you are lucky to have access to all the second hand stores that buy/trade clothing.  I took a lot of my clothing to Crossroads Trading Co., and I was able to get some money to buy the booties photographed above.  They’re pretty particular about what they take; they want things that are fairly new, in style, and in season.  I think they are pretty fair about how they do it, and I highly recommend them to people wanting to do some spring wardrobe cleaning.

Let me tell you about the outfit I’m wearing

Hat: H&M (no longer in stock, and I couldn’t find similar)

Top: Victoria Secret essential v neck (clearly I love these tops, I have a grey one and a white one)

Outerwear: green military jacket from an Instagram shop of my friends who now has an online store, Pretty.Dirty.Hippie she has great stuff!!

Pants: Forever 21 classic skinny jeans 

Shoes: Crossroads cut out booties

Hope you’re having a great weekend!!

Be well.

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