My initial thought was to name the post “Guilty pleasures,” and then I thought that it’s too bad that the term ‘guilty pleasure’ has any sort of negative connotation. So I decided to name the post, ‘Pleasures which you feel slightly ashamed of due to the constructs of society,’ well, needless-to-say that felt WAY too long, so I went back to ‘Guilty pleasures.’

Here are a few of my top:

1.) Binge watching early 90s sitcoms. Roseanne, Golden Girls, Cheers, Frasier, the list goes on. I’m not sure how Dave feels when I make him endure these gems in their entirety, but I find nothing more soothing to my OCD then to watch a show from beginning to end. Also, finding out that Roseanne was quite the progressive show was a pleasant surprise.

Oh yeah!
Oh yeah!

2.) Stuffing my mouth with popcorn or fruit. I just get some odd satisfaction from feeling too much of these things in my mouth. It doesn’t work with all foods, just these two (so my occupational therapist friends can calm down, I don’t have a motor planning disorder).

3.) Pinterest. This one’s so obvious I felt like I didn’t need to write it. I believe I am with the some 80% of women who would also put this on their list.

4.) Having the same thing for breakfast over and over and over, until I get tired of it and move on. The last 3-4 months it’s been parfaits, mainly Go Lean Crunch, berries, yogurt, and Trader Joe’s creamy unsalted almond butter.  They are delicccious!


5.) Watching my dogs do weird things.  Okay, this one’s not really a guilty pleasure, but I just had to share these photos with you…

Suckling on his own leg*
Charlie: ‘What we weren’t doing anything!’ Oliver: ‘Yeah that’s right, I’m the big spoon!’

Okay, now what are YOUR ‘guilty pleasures’????

*Also, sorry that my captions are constantly capitalized, if anyone has any ideas why that may be please let me know.

Be well!