I realized I’ve been waiting for the right words to come to me, for the right thing to say; however, I now understand that sometimes there just isn’t a way of knowing what the right thing to say is, and you just have to go with your gut.

A few weeks ago we lost my father in law. It was a sobering start to the holidays, and it has taken an emotional toll on my husband, Dave, and I.  I really only met Steve three times, but each time we saw each other I loved him more and I was very excited to call him my dad.

dave and dad.jpg Some Additional sadness, during the ‘family formals’ portion of our wedding photos we didn’t get one of me with Dave and his parents.  I am happy to say that our photographers captured other great moments and memories from that day, and that is something that we will cherish forever.


There are many things that I am sad we will miss out on, but I’ve tried to find peace in what we can remember about Steve. He loved Dave so much and I know that father-son love is something that Dave will give to our children because of him.   I know it will be with a heavy heart that Dave tells our children about their grandfather, but in doing so the seeming void will be filled with memories and happy recollections.


I never would have fathomed taking on this role of wife so soon in our marriage, but Dave is the kind of man you want to be there for. He makes it so easy to love and support him. This has been a tragic stop on our life journey, my love, but I know we will make it through. Love you.

Be well.