IMG_7838.jpgThis is our first year doing a family themed costume and we had so much fun that it is going to become a tradition! I don’t quite remember what got us thinking about this costume theme; however, it was definitely the Wednesday braids that confirmed our choice.


There was definitely NO DIY with this costume or any of the costumes in our theme this year (maybe for future costumes); however, with clever scouring of our closets we were able to assemble most of the costumes with items we already owned. Here’s a list of items we needed to purchase for Wednesday’s costume:

  • Black crochet braids – Mira’s pretty good about keeping things on her head, but I also think that the fact that it is essentially a hat made it a lot easier to keep it on her head at most points in the evening.
  • Black and white dress – This dress is made of such a comfy material, it was easy to get on and she seemed comfortable all evening.

Things we already had:

  • Black tights
  • Black shoes – we used her cons, and I mean, who can resist a toddler in converse


We were originally going to be in Seattle for Halloween, so Dave would have felt a little more comfortable temperature wise in a full suit; however, we were in southern California so he got pretty hot early on. Here’s the list of items we purchased for Gomez Addams:

  • Fake hand – I regret not bringing our velcro strips to attach the hand to his suit, but aw well, Mira had fun carrying it at times.
  • Hair dye – Dave reports that this stuff made him super warm! Although, we thought it looked perfect and was really easy to wash out. Maybe the warmth would have been welcomed in the PNW.

Things we already had on hand:

  • Black suit
  • Tie
  • Black shoes

IMG_0792Failed at getting pictures of my costume, but this one was towards the end of the evening when I had changed shoes. Originally I was wearing heals, but clearly I am no longer at the point in my life when heels on halloween work for me. I made it to the end of the block before switching to mules. We didn’t need to purchase anything for my costume, here’s what we used that we had on hand:

  • Black velvet dress – This was the bridesmaids dress I wore for my cousin’s wedding. Ironically I was as far along in Mira’s pregnancy as I am in this pregnancy now.
  • Black heels – These heels are so old AND from target, it may be time for me to get a new pair of tried and true black heels.
  • Crucifix necklace – This was my nonna’s.
  • White face paint – I couldn’t find the exact one I used, but the bottle looked very similar to this one.
  • Black lip stick

I will add that if we would have been in the PNW for Halloween I probably would have purchased a black fur coat, so it ended up working out great for my costume that we were in the warmth!


It made me happy that there were very few ‘one time use’ items that we had to purchase. I’m already thinking of what costume Mira will be when we use her dress on baby number two in a couple years 🙂



It was so much fun putting together our theme this year and it got me pumped for what we are going to do in the future. Stay tuned for future themes. Hope you had a great Halloween!

Be well